Yankees’ home-grown pitcher shut down for rest of season

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Homegrown New York Yankees starting pitcher Luis Severino has potentially thrown his final pitch in the iconic pinstripes. Severino sustained a left oblique strain during his performance on Thursday, effectively ending his 2023 season just as he approaches free agency.

Severino’s 2023 Performance Stats: A Season to Forget

Severino’s 2023 season stats tell a tale of struggles. He finished the campaign with a 6.65 ERA, 4.85 xFIP, 7.96 strikeouts per nine, a 65.9% left-on-base rate, and a 42.2% ground ball rate over 89.1 innings. After a stellar 2022 season that saw him post a 3.18 ERA across 102 innings, Severino wasn’t able to replicate his success this year, casting doubt on his future.

The Yankees’ Financial Dilemma: Where to Invest?

The Yankees now face the challenge of deciding whether to reinvest the $15 million they’ve saved on Severino’s contract into more reliable talent. The front office has a history of putting a lot of money into players who’ve turned out to be unreliable, but losing one of the longest-tenured Yankees this upcoming off-season would be a noteworthy departure.

Teammate Reactions: Aaron Judge Weighs In

Star slugger Aaron Judge expressed his disappointment at Severino’s latest injury, especially given their history coming up through the farm system together. Judge said, “Coming up with Sevy all through the years, just knowing the type of competitor he is, leaves it out there every single day, the setbacks he’s had through his career, he continued showing up,” Aaron Judge said. “That could be one of last times he throws here at the Stadium. I really don’t know if I have the words just yet, but I know I’ll find something once we see what’s going on with him and I’ll think of the right words.”

Potential Scenarios: A Cheap Deal or A Fresh Start?

While it’s conceivable that the Yankees could offer Severino a cost-effective, one-year deal, the fact remains that they can’t count on him as a regular starter. Both Severino and the team might benefit from going separate ways—allowing the Yankees to invest elsewhere and Severino to rejuvenate his career in a new setting.

A Silver Lining: Severino’s Health Outlook

One glimmer of hope for Severino is that his recent injury doesn’t affect his arm. This means he’s likely to be back for spring training with a clean bill of health, offering some optimism regardless of what jersey he’ll be wearing.

The unfolding situation with Luis Severino offers emotional and strategic dimensions, impacting decisions for the player and the storied New York Yankees franchise.

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