Yankees have massive decision with Aaron Boone, but he’s not fretting it

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees were knocked out of the postseason in a disappointing performance against the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday evening. Losing 6–2, starting pitcher and ace Gerrit Cole only lasted 2.0 innings, giving up four hits and three earned runs. At one point, Cole muttered the words “I’m out” as he proceeded to allow two men on base before Clay Holmes came in and finished off the 3rd inning.

Whether it be a byproduct of poor coaching or execution from the players, the Yankee should’ve never been in the situation, to begin with, as they lost strings of games that forced them to compete in the Wild Card. At the very least, they should’ve had home-field advantage instead of giving Boston an opportunity to win at home and tantalize a streaky Yankees team.

However, the Bombers have a few big decisions to make this off-season, and one boils down to skipper Aaron Boone, as his contract is up after the year concludes.

“I haven’t had any conversations about [my contract] with anyone, so we’ll see,” Boone said after the loss. “I love being here. I love going to work with this group of players.”

Of course, Boone would prefer to stay as the field manager for the Yanks, but given how poorly they performed at times this season and the amount of money they’re spending on some of their bigger players, they simply might want to go in a different option.

Boone mentioned after the game how the rest of the league has caught up to the Yankees, which is an interesting statement considering they haven’t won a World Series in over a decade and just missed the postseason.

“The league has closed the gap on us,” Boone said. “We’ve got to get better in every aspect. Because it’s not just the Red Sox and the Astros now in our league. Look at our division, the Rays are a beast, Toronto, there’s some teams in the Central that are better and better, teams in the West that are better and better, teams that have closed the gap on us.”

When you’re spending hundreds of millions on personnel, you must produce more than 92 wins in a season, and general manager Brian Cashman must understand that reality. If it were up to me, the Yankees would move on from Boone, but that’s a conversation the front office will have in the coming weeks.

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