Yankees have a special catcher prospect climbing the farm system

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As the New York Yankees prepare for the 2024 season, there’s considerable excitement surrounding catcher Austin Wells and his promising lefty bat. However, another name in the Yankees’ farm system is generating buzz for his potential impact in the future: 22-year-old catching prospect Agustin Ramirez.

Ramirez’s Potential and Developmental Focus With the Yankees

Ramirez, known for his exceptional power, has the potential to be a significant home run hitter in the majors. His elite batted ball data and ability to generate high exit velocities set him apart as a prospect with generational power. However, Ramirez is still refining aspects of his game, particularly his bat path and launch angle, to increase his flyball rate and, thereby, his home run production.

Yankees hitting coordinator Joe Migliaccio emphasized the importance of Ramirez’s ability to elevate the ball.

“What’s going to separate him for being a 25-to-30 home run guy and being a 12-to-15 home run guy is his ability to elevate the baseball,” Migliaccio told NJ.com last year. “He’s either going to hit a ton of ground balls and line drives, or continue making improvements with his posture behind the baseball, delivering the optimal bat path to set him up to hit those balls that nobody can catch.”

Challenges and Growth in the Minors

Ramirez showcased his talent in High-A Hudson Valley, hitting an impressive .384/.430/.714 over 27 games, leading to a promotion to Double-A Somerset. However, his performance dipped at Double-A, a common challenge for minor-league prospects. Despite hitting just .211/.273/.313 across 31 games in Double-A, Ramirez’s work ethic and determination to improve remain strong.

Yankees defensive coordinator Aaron Gershenfeld praised Ramirez’s character, describing him as a “quiet leader” and a “highly motivated individual.” Ramirez’s commitment to his development is evident in his off-season preparation and readiness for the next step in his career, whether that be in Double-A, Triple-A, or even the majors.

Ramirez’s Road Ahead and Prospects for 2024

With his elite power and strong arm behind the plate, Ramirez is not just any prospect; he’s a player with a potentially bright offensive future in baseball. However, there are areas for improvement, particularly in his defensive game and consistency in calling games. As a young and relatively inexperienced player, Ramirez is expected to develop these skills further.

The upcoming season could be pivotal for Ramirez, especially with the Yankees closely monitoring their Double-A prospects for potential contributions to the major league team by 2025. Ramirez’s readiness to tackle the challenges ahead and his impressive offensive tools make him a prospect to watch closely in the Yankees organization.

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