Yankees’ Hal Steinbrenner throws Brian Cashman under the bus due to bad trades

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The New York Yankees‘ dismal performance this season can be attributed to a series of poor decisions and regrettable trades. General Manager Brian Cashman seems to have steered the Yankees onto a course that might only be correctable if the team’s upcoming prospects step up to claim starting roles by 2024.

Hal Steinbrenner Intervenes at the Trade Deadline

During the trade deadline in early August, the Yankees pondered offloading some of their valuable players. However, team owner Hal Steinbrenner intervened, halting any potential trades. According to Steinbrenner, the Yankees have been too trade-happy recently, relinquishing numerous players without reaping sufficient rewards.

A Trio of Trade Disappointments: Montas, Gallo, and Donaldson

Take Frankie Montas, Joey Gallo, and Josh Donaldson as prime examples of these failed transactions. Montas hasn’t thrown a single inning for the Yankees this year. Donaldson was just cut loose after posting a meager .142 batting average and a .225 OBP across 34 games. Meanwhile, Gallo, who was expected to bring some serious power to the lineup, was shipped off to the Los Angeles Dodgers after accumulating a troublingly high strikeout rate during his stint in the Bronx.

Steinbrenner’s Anticipation for the Future

“We’ll learn a lot in September and we’ll learn a lot in the spring,” Steinbrenner said while visiting the team’s minor league affiliate in Tampa, Florida (via the AP). “That’s why I didn’t want to trade these guys away at the trade deadline. We’ve traded away too many guys the last few years. So, I think it will be exciting.”

The Shifting Landscape: A Data Overhaul in the Offing

Due to Cashman’s history of ill-advised trades, Steinbrenner has been compelled to take matters into his own hands, a rare move for an owner. He’s been transparent about his plans for a comprehensive analytical overhaul in the upcoming off-season, which will involve a third-party scrutinizing the team’s data shortcomings.

The Blame Game and the Path Forward for the Yankees

At a minimum, the Yankees are set to pinpoint a scapegoat or isolate a flawed aspect of their strategy. This should catalyze some meaningful changes and potentially guide the franchise back to its winning ways. After all, it’s been more than a decade since the team last appeared in the World Series, and they’re currently languishing at the bottom of the league standings. The Yankees are now focusing on grooming their young talents for the future—a difficult decision but the only viable one under the circumstances.

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