Yankees: Good news and bad news from 7-2 loss to Rockies

MLB: New York Yankees at Colorado Rockies, carlos rodon
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees succumbed to the Colorado Rockies in their first game following the All-Star break. The team’s offense continued its lackluster performance, despite recent efforts to revitalize it through the dismissal of hitting coach Dillon Lawson and the induction of Sean Casey.

Sean Casey’s Introduction: A Change in Tactics

While hopes are high that Casey can incite a significant turnaround in the Yankees’ performance, it would be unrealistic to expect an instant transformation. Nevertheless, amidst the 7-2 defeat, there were positive aspects to consider.

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Glimmers of Offensive Promise: Torres and Stanton Step Up for the Yankees

As a collective, the Yankees managed eight hits in total. Gleyber Torres was a standout, contributing three hits, while Giancarlo Stanton added two more. Together, they formed the backbone of the Yankees’ offense for the night. Stanton launched a remarkable 455-foot hit to the left-center field in the first inning, giving the Yankees an initial 2-0 lead.

However, the team struggled to maintain this momentum, particularly from the lower end of the batting order. Still, some of the Yankees’ typically inconsistent players, such as DJ LeMahieu, kicked off the second half on a positive note, chipping in two hits from four at-bats.

LeMahieu, currently hitting a humble .224 with a .288 OBP this year, aims to revitalize his performance under Casey’s guidance and present a reinvigorated approach at the batter’s box.

Pitching Concerns: Rodon’s Return and King’s Struggles

The team’s pitching left room for improvement, yielding seven hits, seven earned runs, and notching up 10 strikeouts. Carlos Rodon returned for his second start of the season after a prolonged injury layoff, surrendering four runs across five innings and carrying a current ERA of 5.23.

Despite losing his first two games of the season and showing signs of rust, the Yankees maintain faith in Rodon’s potential to regain form and deliver strong performances.

Relief pitcher Michael King has been on a rocky path recently, allowing two earned runs on Friday night and three in his last three outings. The Yankees look forward to regaining their stride on Saturday night against Colorado with Clarke Schmidt on the mound as they attempt to break free from the bottom of the AL East.