Yankees: Good news and bad news following Voit masterpiece over Baltimore

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Starts slow clap for Luke Voit… The New York Yankees overcame the Baltimore Orioles for the second-consecutive game on Friday in a double-header, lead by their esteemed first-baseman, Mr. Voit.

In game one of the doubleheader, starting pitcher Gerrit Cole had a phenomenal performance, pitching all seven innings and striking out nine batters. Cole allowed just two hits on the day, and number two starter Masahiro Tanaka didn’t disappoint either.

Tanaka lasted 5.0 innings, allowing three hits and striking out five batters. He has lowered his ERA to 3.16 and has turned into a significant piece for the Yankees. Of course, expectations were elevated for Tanaka going into a contract year. After getting struck in the head by a Giancarlo Stanton line drive during summer camp, some believed he wouldn’t even pitch the season. However, he has returned strong and imposed as will on the Orioles Friday evening.


Good news and bad news for the Yankees:


The good news, the Yankees walked away with two victories on Friday. Their starting pitching was fantastic and carried them a majority of those games, if not the entire game. Offensively, they posted 16 total runs between the two games, with slugger Luke Voit torching Baltimore in game two.

Over four at-bats, Voit recorded three hits, including two, three-run homers, which tallied six RBIs. He was on fire, becoming just one of five Yankee first basemen to record two homers and six RBIs in a single game.

With the Yankees ending Wednesday with a win against Toronto and a tad about a .500 record, they pulled three games ahead in the above-average column. Sweeping the Orioles in the doubleheader was a fantastic swing of momentum and will hopefully propel them toward a postseason berth.


I am proud to say that there wasn’t any bad news in the second game of the doubleheader. The closest thing was Gary Sanchez striking out once, but he also managed to get on base and even score a run. The relief pitching was strong, and Tanaka looked fantastic.

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