Yankees’ Domingo German ‘smashed a TV’ during alcohol-driven rage

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In an unexpected turn of events, New York Yankees‘ veteran starting pitcher Domingo German was placed on the restricted list as he voluntarily entered an alcohol rehabilitation program this week.

Following a controversial incident earlier in the week, the Yankees acted swiftly, though precise details about what transpired in the clubhouse are now only beginning to emerge.

The Incident and Its Aftermath

As reported by Lindsey Adler of the Wall Street Journal, German was seen flipping a couch, smashing a TV, and engaging in heated exchanges with fellow Yankees’ players and staff, including Manager Aaron Boone. Efforts were made to help German detoxify in the sauna, but it seems the harm was already inflicted.

“The next afternoon, Germán arrived at the ballpark and appeared intoxicated, according to multiple people who interacted with him that afternoon. He entered the clubhouse and argued with teammates. He flipped at least one couch while teammates and staff tried to get him to calm down. 

A report by SNY reveals that witnesses noted German to be under the influence and in an unstable emotional state. This incident marks another challenging chapter in German’s life, which has been marred by troubling accusations and personal problems in the past, including a suspension relating to a domestic violence case that took place in public during a charity event.

In response to these recurrent issues, the Yankees likely issued an ultimatum to German to address his issues or risk permanent dismissal from the team — they did call upon the MLBPA to offer assistance. Commenting on the situation, Boone refrained from discussing the specifics but expressed hopes for German to receive the necessary assistance and get on the right path.

The Future of Domingo German with the Yankees

Given the circumstances, it is likely that German has pitched his last inning for the Yankees, not just this year but possibly indefinitely. Despite having one year left of arbitration before he becomes a free agent in 2025, the Yankees may prefer to part ways and distance themselves from the ongoing issues.

Addressing the situation, an inside source shared, “Hopefully, the steps being taken today will truly benefit him for the rest of his life. Addressing such a serious problem head-on is vital, and these treatment facilities are significant steps towards equipping him with the tools to overcome it.”

Despite the problematic circumstances, ace Gerrit Cole expressed sympathy and well wishes for his teammate. “It’s been tough. It affects you as a human being. You care about your teammates, and you care about their families. It’s a sad situation, and you want the best for Domingo.”

Looking Back at German’s Performance

German departs the team with a 4.56 ERA, 4.03 xFIP, 9.44 strikeouts per nine, a 65.3% left-on-base rate, and 39.4% ground ball rate over 108.2 innings. There’s no denying his considerable talent, as demonstrated by his Perfect Game against the Oakland Athletics this year. However, some issues transcend baseball, and it seems German has some serious introspection and personal development to undertake in the months ahead.

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