Yankees’ DJ LeMahieu adds more hardware to his shelf of trophies

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

New York Yankees‘ second baseman DJ LeMahieu has accomplished a lot as a Yankee. On top of a 1st Team All-MLB nod, an all-star appearance, a silver slugger, a batting title, a 2020 All-MLB nomination, and a top 3 finish in the MVP voting this year, he has another award. The BBWAA has announced that DJ LeMahieu is the NY player of the year!

DJ Lemahieu wrapped up another great campaign, and he’s being recognized for it. This is his second straight year winning the award as in 2019, he won it as well. He has been quietly collecting hardware as a Yankee, and it’s been fun to watch.

DJ LeMahieu is Racking Up the Hardware

DJ LeMahieu has a shot at winning the 2020 AL MVP to add to his resume. As a Yankee, he’s probably going to have his second All-MLB team nod as the first team member. He will also have had won his 2nd Silver Slugger at the 2nd base position as a Yankee in as many years. The only reason he hasn’t racked up defensive accolades is due to his versatility, causing him to play fewer innings at 2nd. His hardware shelf has expanded a ton in just 2 seasons as prior to becoming a Yankee, he had a batting title, 2 gold gloves, and 2 all-star appearances to his name, and now he’s stacking awards like they are Jenga pieces. Along with his 2020 Batting Title, he’s burst onto the scene as an elite player.

Becoming the Best 2B in the Game

The New York Yankees $24 million dollar investment for 2 years flourished into the best 2B in baseball since 2019. He has the best wRC+, fWAR, wOBA, and OBP out of all 2B in baseball since 2019. This is while being a pretty good defensive 2B for the Yankees.

These awards obviously don’t always tell the full story, but there’s no doubt about 1 thing; DJ has been everything and then some you could ask for out of a 2B. With his power and on-base percentage numbers, he’s become a fan favorite for a reason. The two-man wrecking crew that DJ and Judge were in the 2019 playoffs, and then the table-setter DJ was for the Yankees in the 2020 regular season gave the Yankees a breath of fresh air with the injuries. He’s a superstar now, and he’s deserving of his praise.