Yankees: Didi Gregorius doesn’t think they want him back in New York

New York Yankees, Didi Gregorius
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After the 2019 season, the New York Yankees chose not to re-sign shortstop Didi Gregorius and handed the keys of the position to Gleyber Torres. Didi, a fan favorite, had defended the Bombers’ uniform for five seasons, from 2015 to 2020, but instead, found a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.

With the Phils, where he played under the tutelage of former New York Yankees’ skipper Joe Girardi, he had a good season. In 60 games, Didi slashed .284/.339/.488 with a .348 wOBA and a 116 wRC+, playing his customary good defense and being an All-Star teammate.

Yankees fans surely miss Gregorius, who was a beloved figure in the late 2010s teams. He appeared on WFAN’s Moose & Maggie show, and spoke about several subjects regarding the Bronx Bombers.

He said that, unfortunately, he doesn’t think the Yankees are interested in bringing him back into the fold.

The Yankees don’t seem too interested in Gregorius

“I don’t think they’ll want me back in New York, to be honest right now,” Didi said. “I think Gleyber Torres is your shortstop. It’s just the one year, and from my understanding, he was hurt for some of it too. Once you get hurt, you take a step back on everything. If he comes back next year fully prepared and ready to go, everything should work smoothly and everything will be fine.”

It’s worth noting that while on the Yankees, Didi had a fantastic relationship with Torres, on and off the field.
On another subject, Gregorius said that the Yankees’ catcher Gary Sanchez could use a change of scenery.

“If he’s still there next year, he’s going to take it personal. If he lost his job, he’s trying to come back and win it; knowing Gary, that’s what he’ll do,” Gregorius said. “I think people don’t think that he tries hard, but he does. He works really hard, but you’ve been hearing all that stuff for years because you play for a big market team. You get labeled quickly in this game, and when you get labeled, you have to prove yourself even more. He may be frustrated with all that though, so he may need a change of scenery.”

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