Yankees DFA speedy outfielder, place depth piece on IL after prospect promotions

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The New York Yankees stirred the roster pot this week, ushering in new prospects and making strategic moves in preparation for their upcoming matches.

Promotion of Pereira and Peraza

On Monday, the Yankees advanced prospects Everson Pereira and Oswald Peraza. With these promotions, the team anticipated the need for two vacant roster positions, especially with Carlos Rodon slated to begin the series against the Washington Nationals on Tuesday.

Both Pereira and Peraza are not only expected to start but are also poised to secure significant game time for the season’s remainder. Evidently, the team’s management aims to cultivate a substantial record of their performance. The end goal? Gauging the duo’s potential for securing starting roles in the subsequent season.

Roster Readjustments: Allen and McKinney

The ascent of the two prospects necessitated roster reshuffling. To this end, the Yankees assigned the swift outfielder Greg Allen for designation. Earlier this season, Allen joined the Yankees courtesy of a trade deal with the Boston Red Sox.

Allen, aged 30, boasted a batting average of .217, an on-base percentage (OBP) of .333, and a notable 35.7% strikeout rate, accumulating statistics from his 22-game appearances. In these games, he frequently stepped in as a pinch-runner and enjoyed 28 stints at the plate. Allen has featured with the Bombers back in 2021 before spending last season with the Pirates.

For Allen, a potential future lies in rejoining Scranton at the Triple-A level, provided he successfully clears the waiver process. The Yankees also revealed another roster alteration: Billy McKinney, their reserve outfielder, has been sidelined due to a lower back spasm.

McKinney, a former first-round selection by the Oakland Athletics and aged 28, has had a commendable season with the Yankees. His batting stats include a .227 average and a .320 OBP. Additionally, he has six home runs, 14 RBIs, a 26.5% strikeout rate, an 11.6% walk rate, and 0.4 WAR under his belt. He has showcased his fielding prowess over 332.2 innings this season, although his defensive statistics indicate room for improvement.

Yankees’ Predictions and Positioning

The spotlight now turns to Pereira, who is predicted to dominate the left field, flanked by Harrison Bader in the center and the renowned Aaron Judge on the right. Manager Aaron Boone might exercise some tactical moves, placing Pereira in the center occasionally. This positioning would serve a dual purpose: offering Bader a respite and evaluating Pereira’s adaptability across different defensive configurations.

Simultaneously, Peraza is expected to grace the hot corner predominantly. However, the versatility card will be played here too. Peraza will be given chances at both shortstop and second base, especially when mainstays Anthony Volpe and Gleyber Torres opt for rest.

As the regular season’s curtain call approaches in approximately five weeks, this strategic gameplay aims to arm the Yankees with invaluable insights. This data will not only fine-tune the prospects’ strategies but also set the stage for spring training in 2024.

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