Yankees demote 2 pitchers after blowout loss to Brewers

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The New York Yankees suffered a 9–2 defeat to the Milwaukee Brewers for the second consecutive night on Saturday. The offense could only muster four hits and racked up nine strikeouts, but the real issue lay with the team’s pitching.

Disappointing Performances: The Pitchers Who Struggled

Despite a standout performance from Michael King, the Yankees’ bullpen had a night to forget. Jonathan Loaisiga, Matt Krook, and Ron Marinaccio combined to give up seven hits, seven earned runs, and four walks. Unsurprisingly, the team decided to demote both Krook and Marinaccio after this debacle, creating room to potentially bring in new talent.

Possible Yankees Roster Moves: Enter Clayton Beeter?

With two pitching slots now open, the Bombers could call up 24-year-old pitcher Clayton Beeter on Sunday. Beeter, known for his impressive skill set, was acquired from the Los Angeles Dodgers in the deal that sent Joey Gallo westward.

Ron Marinaccio’s Struggles: A Career Low

Marinaccio is having a rough 2023 after an impressive 2022 season where he boasted a 2.05 ERA over 44 innings. This year, he’s struggling with a 3.99 ERA in 47.1 innings, including a career-high 5.13 walks per nine innings. Even with 10.65 strikeouts per nine and a 74.3% left-on-base rate, Marinaccio has not been able to maintain his performance at the MLB level.

The Need for Improvement: Marinaccio’s Future

While there is still optimism about Marinaccio’s potential as a Bombers asset, the 28-year-old has several areas that need improvement. He needs to reduce the number of walks and maintain his confidence on the mound. His fastball velocity has also dipped slightly this year, from 94.6 mph to 93.9 mph. Hopefully, the off-season will offer him an opportunity to retool and come back stronger in 2024.

Matt Krook’s Inconsistency: A Risky Future

Krook has also shown a worrying level of inconsistency, registering a staggering 24.75 ERA across just four innings this season. Despite showing promise in the minors, Krook’s MLB numbers have plummeted, putting his spot in the 2024 roster at risk, especially after Saturday night’s disastrous showing.

Looking Ahead: Gerrit Cole’s Start on Sunday

The Yankees are desperately in need of bullpen support. With ace Gerrit Cole taking the mound on Sunday afternoon, the team is hoping for a commanding performance to turn the tide.

The Yankees’ second consecutive loss to the Brewers raises several concerns, particularly in the pitching department, and could lead to some critical roster moves as they look to regain their form.

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