Yankees could lose important coach to Guardians’ vacant manager position

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The New York Yankees, known for their meticulous planning, face a potentially significant loss this off-season. Bench coach Carlos Mendoza is on the radar of other teams.

As Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports, the Cleveland Guardians have Mendoza on their interview list as they search for a new manager following Terry Francona’s retirement.

Mendoza, 43, has been a part of the Yankees’ journey since 2009. Starting in the minor-league system, he climbed the ranks and joined the major-league staff after the 2019 season. In a Yankees coaching setup that has witnessed its share of changes, Mendoza’s constant presence has been key. Losing him would certainly be a blow to the Yankees’ daily operations.

Roadblocks for Mendoza?

While Mendoza’s potential is clear, the Yankees’ manager, Aaron Boone, stands as a potential barrier to his upward trajectory. With Boone likely to stay put this off-season, Mendoza faces a challenging path to the managerial role he might be seeking.

The Yankees are in evaluation mode, mulling over their front office structure and strategies to bolster the team for 2024.

What Lies Ahead for the Yankees?

Though the Yankees boast a reservoir of talent in their minor-league coaching system, Mendoza’s potential exit would leave a gap, given his seasoned experience with the team. However, all’s not lost. The Guardians might decide on a different path, allowing Mendoza to continue his journey with the New York Yankees.

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