Yankees’ Anthony Volpe sets impressive franchise record

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The New York Yankees‘ top prospect, Anthony Volpe, is making the most of his rookie season at the tender age of 22. Although Volpe has had a fluctuating season, with a .210 batting average and a .298 OBP, including five home runs and 15 RBIs, he has nonetheless made a positive contribution in various ways.

Currently, Volpe has a strikeout rate of 28.6% and a walk rate of 11.2%, showing commendable plate discipline despite having a few games with multiple strikeouts.

In the batter’s box, Volpe balances a keen eye with an aggressive stance, which can sometimes result in strikeouts but also offers opportunities to connect with good pitches. The Yankees anticipated inconsistencies in his first season, but the young talent has demonstrated sparks of genius both offensively and defensively.

Currently, the shortstop holds an 86 wRC+ and 0.7 WAR. However, his most remarkable statistic is unquestionably his performance on the base paths. Volpe has set a franchise record by stealing 13 bases without being caught at the start of the season.

The Yankees are seeing flashes of Anthony Volpe’s brilliance:

One of Anthony’s most captivating attributes is his ability to distract opposing pitchers when he’s on base. Volpe’s strategic maneuvers have often distracted pitchers, affecting their location. Small actions can make a substantial difference when accumulated. His ability to turn a single into a double with a stolen base instantly makes him a scoring threat.

There have been several instances this season where Volpe has been left on base due to efficient hitting behind him, but he will eventually capitalize. Sometimes, Anthony is capable of doing it on his own. During Saturday afternoon’s game, Volpe laid down a bunt, stealing two bags and scoring on a wild pitch — if his team can’t hit, he can always turn a single into a a de-facto inside-the-park homer.

Besides his success on the base paths, the shortstop has also hit five home runs and 15 RBIs. He’s shown an impressive slugging aptitude early in his career, boasting a 44.3% hard-hit rate and a 10.3% barrel rate. He has an average EV (exit velocity) of 90.3 mph and a maximum EV of 107.4 mph, with a launch angle of 16.4°.

As Volpe gains more confidence and takes better swings, his home run numbers are gradually increasing. Projecting his home run total over a full season, we can anticipate him hitting between 15 and 20 home runs as a rookie, an impressive figure.

On the defensive front, Volpe is a natural athlete, though he requires more experience. He has a fielding percentage of .970 with four errors over 347.1 innings. Nevertheless, with two defensive runs saved above average, he has generally made a positive contribution.

In summary, Volpe is setting the foundation for a promising future, underscored by his exceptional base-running skills. As his batting average begins to climb and his on-base percentage edges toward 33%, his impact will become even more pronounced.

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