Why the Yankees don’t need to sign any starting pitchers

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

The New York Yankees fought and clawed their way to a 103-win season in 2019, despite being knocked out of the playoffs in the ALCS against the Houston Astros. For the most part, the Yankees’ pitching was solid, especially their bullpen.

Chad Green stepped up to the plate and delivered a solid campaign, earning a 4.17 ERA after being used as a relief and starting option. He played a similar role to DJ LeMahieu in the sense that both were utility players that filled multiple roles.

The starters, however, struggled at times, considering none of the rotational options logged an ERA below 4.00. Only James Paxton was below with a 3.82 ERA. Bronx Bombers owner Hal Steinbrenner made it apparent that the team doesn’t need to invest further in starting pitching. According to Hal, the lack of run support and production with runners in scoring position was the driving factor in the Yankees’ ALCS knockout.

“For the most part, I think our starting pitching was good this year,’’ Steinbrenner said. “Even missing [Luis] Severino and [Jordan] Montgomery [for most or all of the season due to injuries].”

However, adding a player like Gerrit Cole or Stephen Strasburg would give the team a better chance at winning a World Series in 2020. Ultimately, it comes down to money and the willingness to offer a record-breaking contract to a big name, pitcher. Cole is looking to sign a deal worth more than $30 million per season, and Strasburg will likely hover a few million below.

Do the New York Yankees need more starting pitching?

The story might have been a bit different for the Yanks if Luis Severino and Jordan Montgomery had been available for the entire 2019 season. Factoring them and German into a postseason run would give the Bombers a much better chance at reaching the World Series, but as Hal Steinbrenner mentioned, it was a lack of timely hitting that doomed his team.

Because run support disappeared for the Yankees during the postseason at times, the organization can go one of two routes. Either they spend big money on a bonafide ace, or they allocate funds towards quality power hitters with high rates of contact. I imagine they will take the second route, as gaining back Severino, Montgomery, and hopefully German will give them the boost they need to become a more competitive team in 2020.