There’s only ‘one way’ the Yankees fire Aaron Boone following 2023 season

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As the New York Yankees find themselves eliminated from playoff contention, their focus has pivoted to nurturing prospects for the upcoming 2024 season. Amidst swirling rumors, reliable reports suggest that both manager Aaron Boone and general manager Brian Cashman will remain in their roles following a disappointing 2023 campaign.

Hal Steinbrenner’s Calculated Patience

Owner Hal Steinbrenner has had a front-row seat to the Yankees’ consistent postseason appearances over the past decade, albeit without clinching a World Series title. The idea of overhauling the front office after a single disappointing season doesn’t align with his long-term vision. Steinbrenner is inclined to wait until the 2024 season concludes before making any drastic changes.

Cashman’s Second Chance to Save the Yankees: Farm System Over Free Agency

Steinbrenner is poised to offer Cashman another shot at turning the team’s fortunes around. However, it’s likely that the financial purse strings will be drawn tighter, with a heavier focus on elevating talent from within the organization. Rising stars like Anthony Volpe are already showing promise, while newcomers Everson Pereira and Oswald Peraza have just been promoted.

Aaron Boone: Safe for Now, Despite the Rumors

The job security of Aaron Boone has been a topic of speculation, yet his position seems secure for the moment. According to Andy Martino of SNY, the only scenario in which Boone could be let go is if Steinbrenner personally overrules Cashman, who values Boone for his strong rapport with the players.

“In fact, there is only one way Boone will be fired, according to four sources with direct knowledge of the Yankees’ inner workings: managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner would have to overrule GM Brian Cashman and his baseball operations department. And that has never before happened with a managerial decision.”

Clubhouse Dynamics: Boone Takes the Heat, But Is He the Problem?

Though Boone has certainly committed his share of errors, he’s also been the convenient fall guy for the team’s struggles. His popularity within the clubhouse suggests that firing him would only mask larger issues plaguing the Yankees.

Cashman Under the Microscope: Big Contracts, Missed Trades

If there’s anyone deserving of scrutiny for the Yankees’ less-than-stellar seasons, it’s arguably Cashman. His recent track record in trade deals has left the team in a precarious position, but relief may be on the way with several hefty contracts nearing their end.

The Four-Year Safety Net: Cashman’s Job Seems Secure

Cashman’s recent four-year contract extension appears to solidify his position with the team for the foreseeable future. The implication? As long as he remains at the helm as general manager, Boone’s managerial role is likely safe as well. The larger question remains: If changes are necessary due to the team’s ongoing struggles, is the general manager not the more logical first move? After all, Boone has been coaching backups all season in a valiant attempt to reach the playoffs.

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