The Yankees need to shut down Aaron Judge but he’s refusing

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees

The New York Yankees find themselves in a precarious situation, trailing 17.5 games in the AL East and 7.5 games behind in the Wild Card race. With these odds, every inning that star slugger Aaron Judge takes the field is a roll of the dice on his health.

The Lingering Toe Injury: A Case for the Yankees to Shut Him Down

Judge has battled a toe injury for several months, playing through noticeable discomfort. Logic would dictate that the Yankees shutting him down for the season to prioritize his health would be the sensible move.

The Will to Play: Judge’s Perspective

Despite the compelling case for his rehabilitation and recovery, Judge is not keen on being a benchwarmer for the remainder of the season. At 31, his stats speak volumes: a .254 batting average, a .392 OBP, 32 home runs, 62 RBIs, a 28.4% strikeout rate, an 18.7% walk rate, and a 164 wRC+. As the first captain since Derek Jeter, he feels the weight of his responsibilities, one of which is to show up every day.

Boone’s Take: The Management Perspective

“Judgey wants to play,” Boone told reporters before Wednesday’s rainout, per’s Max Goodman. “Judgey wants to be a part of it, set a tone and example for the younger guys coming up too. So we’ll certainly be mindful of that and try not to put anyone in harm’s way certainly, but also treating these as very important games.”

The Time Factor: An Extra Month for Recovery

Given that the Yankees are unlikely to make the playoffs, Judge would have an additional month to heal before next season. According to doctors, the next two weeks should not pose a major health concern for Judge. A few months back, medical professionals stated that his toe injury was a matter of pain tolerance rather than risk of further damage. Given Judge’s demonstrated resilience, don’t expect him to take a seat anytime soon as the regular season comes to a close.

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