The Yankees may have a future star pitcher in their ranks

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The New York Yankees entered the 2023 season with robust plans, but unexpected twists forced them to rely on young talent. One name that stood out is Clarke Schmidt, a 27-year-old pitcher who, despite some initial struggles, has risen to become a critical player in the Yankees’ rotation.

Carlos Rodon Deal and Injuries: The Unexpected Scenario for the Yankees

The Yankees kicked off the 2023 season after signing Carlos Rodon to a six-year, $162 million deal and retaining key arms. They didn’t expect to rely on supplementary pieces, but injury forced them to bring in one of their young talents, Clarke Schmidt.

Clarke Schmidt’s Performance: A Rollercoaster Start

Schmidt’s journey through the 2023 regular season has been tumultuous but noteworthy. Let’s delve into his performances month by month.

April: Finding Footing

Schmidt struggled in April, posting a 6.84 ERA across 25 innings, but that was just the beginning.

May: Gaining Momentum

In May, he managed to lower his ERA to 3.52, a substantial improvement showing signs of promise.

June: A Brighter Path

June was even better, as he posted a 3.04 ERA across 26.2 innings, allowing only nine earned runs and striking out 14 batters.

July: A Slight Regression

However, July saw a regression, with a 4.43 ERA and five homers given up, along with 11 earned runs across 22.1 innings.

August: Turning Things Right

Schmidt seems to be getting back on track in August, delivering two great outings against the Houston Astros and Chicago White Sox with a 2.61 ERA.

Season Overview: Cementing a Place in the Rotation

On the season, Schmidt’s stats show a 4.23 ERA, 8.61 strikeouts per nine, a 72.8% left-on-base rate, 43.9% ground ball rate, and 12.6% HR/FB ratio. With a career-high 115 innings pitched, he’s cementing himself as a long-term starting pitcher.

Schmidt’s Pitches: A Closer Look

Schmidt’s arsenal includes a sweeper, cutter, sinker, and curveball. His sweeper is particularly effective, with a .243 batting average against, while his curveball generates a .197 batting average against and an impressive 33.6% whiff rate. His cutter and sinker could use improvement, but the horizontal movement of his curveball, 119% more than the average pitcher, is truly exceptional.

Future Prospects: A Bright Horizon

It’s safe to say that Schmidt has earned his spot in the rotation, potentially climbing into the middle ranks if the Yankees bring in new faces next year. Currently, he likely holds the number four spot, with Severino dropping to fifth due to inconsistencies this year.

A Name to Watch

Clarke Schmidt’s rise in the New York Yankees’ rotation has been nothing short of remarkable. From a rocky start to displaying incredible growth and skill, Schmidt’s future looks bright, especially if he continues to build confidence and improve his fastballs.

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