The Yankees lineup will look very different when superstar slugger returns soon

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The Yankees are gradually regaining their full strength, with one of the key hitters in the lineup poised to return shortly.

Superstar slugger Giancarlo Stanton is expected to rejoin the team soon, with a rehab assignment on the horizon. When healthy and in form, few baseball players can rival Stanton’s intimidation factor at the plate. He maintains tremendous power, and his knack for hitting in clutch situations is invaluable.

The Yankees require Giancarlo Stanton at his best

Prior to his injury, Stanton was performing admirably, boasting 4 home runs and a commendable 131 wRC+. He continues to record impressive exit velocities, hits line drives that reach the stands, and hits sky-high moonshots like no one else in baseball.

The combined presence of Stanton, Judge, and Rizzo could result in one of the most thrilling and captivating middle orders in the league. He has a .854 OPS, even though he’s shown less patience at the plate.

His walk rate currently stands at 3.7%, but he’s striking out less than usual, with a 20.0% rate. If Stanton can strike big hits and work counts effectively, it will be beneficial for the lineup and assist the entire team.

A deeper lineup leads to better at-bats, increased workload for opposing pitchers, and ultimately, more runs scored by the Yankees. He is a game-changer, and the team is eagerly awaiting his return. Health has always been a concern with Stanton, but a solid few months of baseball performance would be advantageous for both him and the team.

The Yankees understand the significance of the latter part of the season and how vital Stanton is to their success.

I would suggest easing Stanton back into the lineup, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he spends limited time in the outfield. While capable, keeping him healthy may necessitate his full-time role as a designated hitter. Witnessing Stanton hit baseballs out of the park is always a delight, and I’m certain he’s eager to return to the field. He consistently acknowledges his errors and is regarded as one of the best teammates in the game.

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