The Yankees have the best defensive catcher in baseball

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Jose Trevino is getting ready to build on his platinum glove campaign last year. The former Rangers backstop impressed thoroughly last season after the Yankees acquired him to be the backup to Kyle Higashioka. However, we all saw he was far more than a backup catcher. He did everything right defensively and provided some key offensive moments during the season. 

The Yankees stole the best defensive catcher in baseball for nothing:

Trevino led the leaderboard in practically every single category a catcher could lead in. He was dominant from start to finish with the glove, and his framing was a spectacle to watch all year. Though he only posted a 91 wRC+, he still finished the year with a 3.7 fWAR. Trevino was a revelation for the Yanks, and the backstop combo of him and Higgy was one of the most valuable in the entire league. 

He definitely leaves more to be desired offensively, but nobody should expect him to take huge leaps forward in that category. Over 353 PAs, he still hit 11 HR, had numerous walk-offs, and posted the second-best OPS of his career at .671, behind the shortened 2020 season. Trevi is a key guy to have in the clubhouse as well, as he is one of the unheralded leaders behind the scenes. 

Jose Trevino’s defense and role in the clubhouse are top-notch:

Now, his defense, as mentioned, was arguably the best by any individual player in the entire league. He led in the following categories: Catcher Framing Runs (16), Strike Rate % (53.9%), Catcher DRS (21), Fangraphs FRM (19.0 — second closest was 9.1), and Strikezone Runs Saved “rSZ” (12). To say he was “great” defensively would be a disservice to the platinum glove winner. He accomplished everything a catcher could possibly hope to and did so with a smile on his face the entire time. 

The relationship between him and Nestor Cortes also blossomed as the season went along, and the battery mates pitched together in the All-Star Game. Both of them earned their first of their respective careers, but certainly not their last. Trevi was the man on campus and should take another step forward this season, especially now that he has the starting job on lock. 

Last year he was a backup for the majority of the first half of the season, and then he finally took over in May/June and never looked back. The 2022 campaign was one he’ll never forget, and now he looks to build on it this year. It’ll be hard to go anywhere upward defensively when you’re already the best by a large margin, but if anyone can do it, it’s Trevino.

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