The Yankees have a super-slugging catcher flying through the minors

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The New York Yankeescatcher position has been a point of concern, especially after Jose Treviño’s season-ending right wrist tear. With Kyle Higashioka and Ben Rortvedt failing to deliver solid offensive metrics, attention has turned to the team’s minor-league system. Among the rising stars, 21-year-old Agustin Ramirez stands out as a promising talent with both bat and glove.

Catcher Crisis: The State of the Yankees’ Position

One of the most vulnerable positions for the Yankees has been the catcher, with both main options failing to provide solid offense. But hope may be found within the team’s minor league system.

With Treviño out, the responsibility fell on Higashioka and Rortvedt, but their inability to offer solid offensive metrics has exposed a significant weakness.

Minor-League Prospects: Carlos Narvaez and Austin Wells

Carlos Narvaez and Austin Wells are two prospects we discussed yesterday, both showcasing good offensive qualities with Triple-A Scranton. However, another name is making waves.

Agustin Ramirez: The Rising Star

Agustin Ramirez, at just 21 years old, has been a low-key gem flying through the minor-league system.

Recent Promotion: A+ Hudson Valley to AA Somerset

On Tuesday, Ramirez was promoted from A+ Hudson Valley to AA Somerset. His record with Hudson Valley was remarkable, hitting .384 with a .430 OBP, including nine homers, 23 RBIs, a 14% strikeout rate, a 6.6% walk rate, and 203 wRC+ across 27 games.

First AA Game: A Taste of Talent

In his first AA game, Ramirez struck out twice in five at-bats but showed promising signs by nearly hitting a home run to center field.

A Bright Future: A Name to Watch

With elite plate discipline and an exciting start at Somerset, Ramirez is one to watch. His quality defense and burgeoning talent could see him called up to spring training soon.

An Anonymous Scout’s Perspective

An anonymous scout praised Ramirez’s combination of plate discipline and power:

“It’s rare to find a combo of plate discipline and power like Agustin. He’s impossible to strike out, and now the power is coming around. His bat looks like it could stick in an MLB lineup in 1-2 years. The Yankees would be taking a big risk if they leave him unprotected.”

Rule 5 Draft: Protecting a Talent

With the Rule 5 Draft approaching this winter, the Yankees must consider protecting Ramirez to retain his potential and tremendous upside.

Achievements and Potential: A Future Starter?

In July, Ramirez was named the SAL player of the month, boasting impressive hitting statistics, including a max exit velocity of 113.9 mph. His defensive framing continues to impress, and the Yankees can envision him as a potential starter within a year or two.

An Exciting Development for the Yankees

Agustin Ramirez’s rise could be an exciting development for the Yankees, a team that has struggled at the catcher position in the past. With his talent, discipline, power, and quality defense, Ramirez could soon be the solution the Yankees have been seeking. By developing him carefully and protecting his potential, the team could have a new star catcher in the making.

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