The Yankees have 2 prospects battling it out for the No. 1 spot

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Many would agree that the New York Yankees‘ top prospect is Jasson Dominguez, a 20-year-old switch-hitting outfielder who just underwent Tommy John surgery and will miss most of the 2024 season.

Dominguez dominated in 2023, starting his year in Double-A with Somerset, hitting .254/.367/.414. He smashed 15 homers with 66 RBIs and 37 stolen bases in 109 games. He transitioned to Triple-A for nine games, hitting .419/.514/.581, contributing 10 RBIs and recording a 180 wRC+.

Jasson was just as impressive in the MLB, hitting .258/.307/.677, including four homers and seven RBIs in just eight games. Dominguez showcased elite power and the ability to make quality contact. His 162 wRC+ showcases his potential in the future, but the Yankees will have to wait for him to recover fully, which certainly puts a pause on their plans.

The Yankees’ Top Prospect Should be Jasson Dominguez Without Question

Despite Dominguez only playing eight games with the Yankees, he’s still regarded as a top prospect, and given his success against MLB-level pitching, it is fair to say he should be the team’s top gun. Nonetheless, multiple outlets, including FanGraphs, now list 22-year-old Spencer Jones as the team’s number-one young player.

Jones is two years older than Dominguez at 22. However, he stands at 6’6″ and 235 pounds. He has generational power with a lefty bat that could capitalize on the short right porch in Yankee Stadium. However, he struggled in 2023, playing 100 games with High-A Hudson Valley. He hit .268/.337/.450, recording 13 homers, 56 RBIs, and 35 stolen bases. He had a difficult time getting on base, playing 17 games with Double-A Somerset, earning a .333 OBP. Spencer hit three homers with 10 RBIs, but his strikeout rate stayed above 28%.

However, his number one status comes from his potential as a tremendous defensive asset in the outfield, if not transition to first base in the future. Jones has the capacity to be an elite bat, something reminiscing of Aaron Judge but from the other side of the batter box.

There’s no questioning whether or not Jones has something special, and there’s a reason the Yankees have held onto him at all costs despite a number of trades that could’ve easily sent him on his way — the same could be said for Jasson and then some.

Nonetheless, with Dominguez being two years younger and having already dominated against MLB-level pitching, it is surprising to see Jones top the list. Some question if Jasson can remain athletic given his burley stature and minimal room to grow. Jones has more room for muscle and still maintains an incredibly athletic profile. With that being said, Jones could become the team’s top prospect of the future, but for now, Dominguez should safely have that moniker.

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