The Yankees are rolling with an interesting outfield alignment tonight

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The Yankees are deploying a rather interesting outfield alignment today against the Phillies. While it’s still very early on in the season, and the Phils are struggling mightily, tonight’s combination is certainly something. On top of the odd combination they’re rolling with, it also makes back-to-back games with Oswaldo Cabrera, not in the lineup. 

I don’t think it’s any reason to sound the alarm just yet, but I do feel for Oswaldo a bit. The Yanks are electing to ride with Hicks in LF, IKF in CF, and then Giancarlo Stanton manning RF. Aaron Judge gets his first day off from the outfield as he will be playing DH tonight. 

Hicks struggled to get anything going yesterday, so maybe today is more to get him in the zone and showcase his abilities for other teams. I don’t believe he will be a factor as the season rolls on, but it makes sense in the early days for the organization to look to get him in a groove. As for IKF, I’m honestly okay with him getting reps as a backup outfielder or utility man. 

The Yankees are changing the lineup for a reason:

I do hope the Yankees don’t make it a habit to constantly restructure the lineup just so they can make some players happy, though I don’t know if that’s why they’re mixing it up this much so soon. I want to believe that the organization knows what they’re doing, so it’s fine to see some shuffling as we head toward the first full week of baseball. 

Judge has been on a tear to start this year, and Stanton is looking comfortable as he’s been playing more OF than he did to start last season. The Yanks may be also looking to show off some of Hicks’ and IKF’s abilities, as they could still potentially be looking to deal them elsewhere. With tomorrow’s game being a 1:05 EST start time, I imagine Oswaldo will be back in the lineup for a few games in a row. 

It being so soon in the year, that’s the only saving grace for me not freaking out over the changes in the LU so frequently. Boone also spoke about looking to get Hicks some more PAs against lefties, though I don’t believe Strahm will go very deep into this game. He made a single start last year and is much more of an opener than a length guy. 

The Yanks look to move to 4-1 and continue their hot start to the season, as both sides of the ball have been excellent to start the year. The lineups have continued to put runs across the board, and after dropping 8 on the Phillies yesterday, they look to keep it rolling tonight. The game begins at 7:05 EST.

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