The Yankees are likely moving on from lefty bullpen arm after ‘triceps’ injury

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Sep 5, 2022; Bronx, New York, USA; New York Yankees relief pitcher Wandy Peralta (58) pitches in the eighth inning against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees have long been recognized for their formidable bullpen, a force to be reckoned with in the MLB. One name that emerged strongly from their 2022 roster was the adept lefty, Wandy Peralta. Under the guidance of pitching coach Matt Blake, Peralta showcased impressive value. But as the 2023 season progresses, it appears that the 32-year-old’s role within the Yankees has been slightly redefined.

In the preceding season, Peralta delivered a commendable 56.1 innings. Fast forward to this year, and he’s clocked in 54 innings, predominantly in less critical situations. His statistics still impress, with a 2.83 ERA, 8.50 strikeouts per nine, and a solid 85.2% left-on-base rate. Notably, he’s recorded a 57.4% ground ball rate, but there’s also been a spike in his walk rate – a high of 5.00 per nine innings, the most since 2018.

Rising Stars: Ian Hamilton’s Dominance

While Peralta has been a reliable force, the Yankees have discovered some new gems. Take, for instance, Ian Hamilton. At 28, this pitcher has caught attention and is under the Yankees’ purview until he becomes eligible for free agency in 2029. With an impressive 2.65 ERA across 37 appearances this year, leaning more toward Hamilton seems to be the evolving game plan for the Yankees.

Peralta’s Future with the Yankees

Financial considerations also come into play. Peralta, who bagged $3.35 million this year, is on the brink of free agency as the off-season approaches. Recent comments from manager Aaron Boone hint at some “triceps stuff,” sparking speculations that Peralta might see less action in the upcoming week.

As the season finale beckons, signs indicate that Peralta might not be a prominent figure in the Yankees’ blueprint for the future. The shift is palpable – the Yankees appear to be angling towards younger, more budget-friendly bullpen investments as they forge ahead.

However, it’s essential to underscore Peralta’s significant contributions since he joined from the San Francisco Giants in 2021. His consistency in keeping his ERA below 2.95 while adorned in the iconic pinstripes speaks volumes about his caliber and the value he brought to the team.

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