The Yankees are getting MVP-caliber play from Aaron Judge

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The New York Yankees undeniably transform into a different entity when Aaron Judge is in good health and at the peak of his game.

This transformation becomes crystal clear when reviewing the period in late April when Judge was sidelined due to an injury; the Yankees’ offense lost its potency.

However, upon his return, the team rebounded impressively, churning out victories and run production at a rate that matched the league’s best.

Sports analysis can often be complex, but sometimes it boils down to a simple fact: when Judge plays, the Yankees become a formidable force.

The Yankees have enjoyed a four-game winning streak and have claimed eight of their last ten games, largely due to Judge’s significant input. His stellar performance earned him the title of American League Player of the Week on Monday, having achieved a .500 batting average, a 1.893 OPS, five home runs, and 11 RBIs in a span of just six games.

The Yankees’ MVP Aspirant, Aaron Judge

The athlete who boasted a .311 batting average with 62 home runs last year is showing signs of regaining form. In his last eight games, he’s recorded seven homers, a .452 average, a 354 wRC+, and 16 RBIs.

Judge started the season well, although not exceptionally, then suffered an injury. However, following his phenomenal performances over the past week and a half, he now sports a .299/.400/.642 batting line with 13 home runs in just 38 games. In addition, his 178 wRC+ has propelled him up the ranks in several statistical categories this year.

Judge’s current level of play not only boosts the Yankees in the standings but also signals his ambition to compete for his second consecutive MVP award. Achieving this won’t be a walk in the park as long as Shohei Ohtani is active, but Judge’s performance this season has been nothing short of extraordinary. It appears that we might be in for an MVP race similar to last year’s, with Judge and Ohtani outperforming the rest of the competition.

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