The New York Yankees and DJ LeMahieu making progress in talks (Source)

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

The New York Yankees are working hard to bring back their all-star second baseman. I was told this morning from a source within baseball that the bombers and DJ LeMahieu are making progress on a potential deal.

If the deal were to work out between the Yankees and LeMahieu, the deal would likely be for four years. Financially, the deal would sit between $21-23 million per year with a potential vesting option based on performance for a fifth year.

I will caution readers that the information I received this morning should not signal that a deal is done. As Andy Martino pointed out, there are plenty of suitors for DJ LeMahieu. The Yankees are not alone in their pursuit for the MVP candidate.

However, the bombers have a lot going for them in this instance. The fact is that DJ LeMahieu wants to stay with the Yankees. He really has enjoyed the last couple of seasons with the team, and he wants to continue chasing a title in New York.

The Yankees also want to keep DJ LeMahieu and are willing to do what it takes to get the deal done. Resigning LeMahieu has become the bombers top priority of the offseason and the pursuit will shape what actions they take throughout the winter.

Also, I realize that I don’t have a blue checkmark on Twitter so many might be asking the validity of this information. I will tell you, that the same guy who told me this information gave me the Zack Wheeler – Phillies news before the news broke nationally.

Will the Yankees keep their man?

By all accounts, the deal just makes sense on all fronts. LeMahieu wants to stay in New York and the Yankees want him back. He means so much to this team in so many different ways.

For years, this team has struggled with strikeouts and struggled defensively. Well, on both of those fronts, you can’t get much better than DJ LeMahieu. That is why the Yankees have made it their priority to get this deal done.

The last message I received this morning is that the talks were entering the red zone, but not yet close to the end zone. Things can always change and there are a lot of suitors who might blow LeMahieu out of the water with an insane deal.

That is not my expectation or the expectation of the people I’ve chatted with. No timetable on when the deal will likely get done, but there is reason to feel optimistic if you’re a fan of DJ LeMahieu staying in New York. Time will tell.