Super agent Scott Boras calls out Yankees as free agency looms

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The New York Yankees reached a staggering $280 million payroll in 2023, thanks in part to significant free-agent signings like Carlos Rodon and a monumental extension for Aaron Judge. Despite owner Hal Steinbrenner’s willingness to invest heavily in the team, GM Brian Cashman’s roster moves have been under scrutiny due to mixed results.

A Look at Past Investments

The Yankees’ financial strategy has seen a mix of heavy investments and exchanging prospects for seasoned MLB talent. However, some of these decisions have not yielded the expected returns, leading to a sense of bad luck and miscalculation, affecting the team’s performance.

Despite the setbacks, the Yankees are poised to remain assertive in the market as they aim to construct a winning team centered around stars like Judge and pitcher Gerrit Cole, who is on track to receive the Cy Young Award in the American League.

Boras Calls Out Yankees’ Spending Philosophy

Scott Boras, the prominent agent representing many elite players, recently criticized the Yankees following Steinbrenner’s comments about payroll. Boras emphasized the positive impact of high spending on the game’s competitiveness and the benefits to the fanbase.

“Why wouldn’t they want to reward their fanbase with New York Yankee conduct?”


Revenue and Baseball’s Growth

The Yankees, with their exceptional revenue streams and global brand, contribute significantly to the sport’s financial health. The ongoing efforts to attract younger audiences to baseball are expected to further enhance revenue, ultimately benefiting owners like Steinbrenner.

Cashman’s Acknowledgment of Team Needs

While Steinbrenner has been somewhat elusive about specific off-season intentions, Cashman has been transparent about the team’s needs for additional outfielders and starting pitchers. These gaps won’t be filled without substantial financial commitment, and with agents like Boras at the helm, the negotiations promise to be impactful. The Yankees have already shown interest in renowned outfielders, signaling a readiness to make major moves.

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