Should the Yankees trade or keep Gleyber Torres?

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As we still sit anxiously by and await any updates on Aaron Judge’s contract situation, another situation to monitor closely over these next few weeks is what the Yankees choose to do with Gleyber Torres. Torres has been a huge part of this team’s yearly outlook every year that he’s been in the LU, but for the first time, it seems like the FO is shopping him. Torres undoubtedly has value, but the question is how much? He was solid last season, and if one were to take away his atrocious month of August, he could’ve posted a wRC+ closer to 130 than the 115 he ended up finishing with. 

Gleyber has been a solid Yankee, but sadly looking back at his ZiPS projections following the 38 HR he hit in 2019, I truly don’t believe we’ll ever see that version of him. As some may recall, those were projections that had him hitting 40+ bombs a year for like six years, and sadly, I don’t think we get that Gleyber Torres. The Yankees have a very interesting line of decisions to make regarding the middle infield, and Torres is one of the biggest questions. Will they look to trade him, and should they look to trade him? 

A potential set-up in Miami?

Gleyber has value, and it’s not like the Yankees would be dumping off a guy who is a bad player. Last year he took huge steps forward in a few facets of the game, primarily defensively, but he also showcased what made him so special in the first place — that violently quick hand speed and bat speed that saw him clobber the ball.

Defensively, Gleyber silenced all the critics and put to doubt that he can play the infield. Watching him at shortstop was rough, but him at 2B has been a completely different monster. He racked up 9 DRS this year and posted his career-best UZR/150 of 4.8. 

I can see the organization looking to move Torres in order to help bolster another part of the team that may need more work. There’ve been dozens of rumors swirling around the Mariners, and of course, last season’s near-photo finish on deadline day with Miami leads many to believe the fish are still interested in Gleyber. I wouldn’t be upset if Torres were to be dealt for, say, Jesus Luzardo. However, I also don’t want the Yankees to just dump Torres for a mid-tier reliever and wash their hands with it. Gleyber has been a great teammate and player for this organization, so hopefully, they’re communicating with him as this offseason slowly moves along. 

Torres has value and is still only 25:

Again, a 25+ HR, .760 OPS middle infielder still only 25 years old is not a hindrance for the Yankees. While they are certainly trying to get the young guns up and give them every opportunity to make an impact, tossing Torres out to sea just to move him wouldn’t be a good idea. He has value, and teams know this. The reason I think Miami makes sense is because the Marlins have an embarrassment of riches in the pitching department, and their offense could certainly use Torres’ pop and upside.

Gleyber would immediately slot into the middle of their lineup and would improve it top-to-bottom. He posted a 2.7 fWAR in ‘22, and again, if not for one really bad month, could’ve pushed for 4. 

I think the Yankees will continue to see what the offers look like, and if they’re impressed enough by one, they’ll pull the trigger. I wouldn’t be upset if Torres wasn’t dealt, as it’s doing it more out of a want to move him, than a need. He isn’t weighing down the team, nor is he causing any issues or actively hurting the boys’ performances.

Torres is a fan favorite, and maybe having him around for another season to help mentor the young bulls could be just what they need. Regardless, I’m not giving up on Gleyber Torres just yet. Of course, if he goes elsewhere, I’ll still support him and want nothing but the best for Gleyber.

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