New York Yankees youth monster could be next generational talent

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

When the New York Yankees signed international prospect Jasson Dominguez to a $5 million contract last summer, not only did they secure a potential generational talent, but possibly the first-ever Martian in baseball. This could be a futuristic article where Martians have integrated into society with humans, and Jasson is the first of a new breed to join the beautiful game.

However, the young five-tool player is very-much human in biological nature, in everything else, it’s up for debate. At 16-years-old, Dominguez looks like he could be in the prime of his major league career, but he’s just getting started as scouts rave about his talents.


Yankees bench coach, Carlos Mendoza, was blown away by Jasson’s strength and overall attributes, stating:

“We watched him hit and he looked good,” he said. “He was impressive for being 16 years old. He’s a strong kid with great bat speed and power. We only saw him take BP, but he was hitting balls with Gary and Miggy. He looks like one of them. For that age, he’s pretty advanced.”

With his size matching up with Gary Sanchez and the newly ripped Miguel Andujar, it’s fair to say the Yankees might have stumbled across the jackpot. The youngster projects as a center-fielder, and it’s possible he reaches the big-leagues within the next two seasons, depending on his production in the minors. describes Dominguez as a “teenage Mike Trout,” which is incredibly optimistic, as reaching that level of quality would put the Bombers on another stratosphere of overall talent.

Outfielder Jasson Dominguez is the cream of the crop in this year’s class, and one of the best international prospects available in years. He signed with the Yankees. The 16-year-old Dominican is strong and athletic and has a mature body for his age. Think a teenage Mike Trout. He could be the first position player in the class to make it to the big leagues because he has all of the tools scouts love to see in young prospects now — and he projects to get even better. What’s more, he’s able to translate those skills into games.

As the Yanks move forward with an already stacked team, it’s exciting to remember they have a player of this caliber climbing through the ranks. The future is bright!