New York Yankees: Yankee prospects chomping at the bit (video)

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

The New York Yankees are now in their sixth week of the new season, it seems like the season just started, but the fact is that the season is already 20% completed. Some of the players and pitchers are off to a great start, while others not so much. There is one constant, the minor league season is now in full swing, and with the reduced number of Yankee minor league sites, many young men are champing to get on those teams.

This season minor league Pulaski and Staten Island are gone since MLB has taken over the minor leagues and have accomplished realignment to make the experience better for all. This season fans will see minor league games played in AAA Scranton Wilkes/Barre (Rail Riders), in Somerset, NJ, (AA Patriots), Wappingers, NY, (high A Renegades), Tampa, Florida (low A Tarpons), and the Gulf Coast Rookie League. The Yankees also have two minor league teams in the Dominican Republic.

A short time ago, just before starting the minor league season, the rosters for the teams were released. Interested Yankee fans scoured those lists to see if their favorite prospect made any of the teams. With all the hype the last two years, the name most looked for was Jasson Dominguez; it wasn’t there. Others searched for were Everson Pereria, Kevin Alcantara, Raimfer Salinas, and Alexander Vargas, none to be found.

Many others are not on the lists as well but have less hype involved as they are further off from making the minor league teams. The others that were listed above will most likely, at some point, find themselves one step closer to their dream when they finally get to play professional baseball. No matter how young most of these boys have already worked several years to improve their game for a chance to play with the big boys.

As I said earlier, the Yankees’ number one prospect Jasson Dominguez has generated the most interest since he was signed at just 15. Since then, a multitude of articles has been written about the young sensation, Dominguez. The Yankees paid just over $5 million to sign the player that many call “The Martian” for his other-worldly hitting abilities. Scouts have compared him to a young Mickey Mantle or Mike Trout. To look at the young man, you don’t see an 18-year-old; you see a build and musculature of a decade older player.

The Young Dominguez has played the first two years in the Dominican Republic, but now he is in the United States. However, he did not make any minor league roster. Dominguez profiles as a true five-tool talent – none of his tools are ranked lower than a 55 on the 20-80 scale. There is no question that he will be a future centerfielder for the Yankees. But the Yankees are taking their time with Jasson; they don’t want to rush him along before he is ready. He has played in very few pro games.

Dominguez is now playing in extended spring training at the Yankee’s Tampa facility. Yankee head of player development Eric Schmidt wants to see him play there for four or five weeks. After that, he will most likely be promoted to low A Tampa sometime in June. For those fans that can’t wait to see him play at Yankee Stadium, you will have to wait a bit longer. He isn’t projected to make his major league debut until 2023-24.

Dominguez is not the only centerfield prospect hoping for their chance. Kevin Alcantara and Raimfer Salinas both played in the Gulf Coast League during 2019. Of the two, neither played last season. If they had, they would, at some point, jumped to Rookie advanced or Short-Season A. But those teams no longer exist. Both will probably play in the Gulf Coast League this season. Salinas received the top signing bonus given out by the New York Yankees in 2017-2018. He is 20 years old and will reach the majors at some point.

Alexander Vargas is an up-and-coming New York Yankees shortstop, one of the best they have seen in years. He will likely find himself in Low A this season as well. He is ranked as the Yankee team’s 13th best prospect by He has played in the instructional league in the Dominican Republic and has received solid reviews. He can be an elite defender at short, something the Yankee minor league system has been missing. He improved as his body filled out; the results were shown in spring training.

Everson Pereria is an experienced player who was pushed quickly during his professional debut. At 17-year-old he was held back due to his age. However, of the prospects mentioned, he has the best chance to advance to the High A team Renegades.  He advanced skipping two of the lowest levels of Rookie ball, but his 2019 season was shortened by injury. If he doesn’t make High A, he will surely make Low A Tampa as long as he is healthy. The 20-year-old multi-talented outfielder is the Yankee’s 18th highest-rated prospect.

Several if not all of these players will find themselves in the minor league system with the New York Yankees sometime during the 2021 season. The Yankees have no shortage of up-and-coming players.

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