New York Yankees: Why Derek Jeter wasn’t elected unanimously

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Longtime New York Yankees’ captain Derek Jeter was one vote shy of becoming the second player to be elected to the MLB Hall of Fame unanimously, and I agree with it. Before I get heat for saying this, if you take a look at history, it all makes sense.

I’m one of the biggest Jeter fans there is. I grew up in the Jeter era, admiring everything he did in pinstripes. He is one of the greatest to put on those legendary pinstripes and walk onto a ball field. With that being said, he’s not close to being the best player in his position.

Mariano Rivera is the only player in history to be elected to the Hall of Fame unanimously and that’s because he was the best in his position ever. There’s no argument for that, his stats show it and anyone who’s watched baseball over the last 20 years can attest to that too. This is why he was voted in by every single person.

Joe DiMaggio is considered to be one of the finest ballplayers to ever walk this planet and didn’t even make it into the HOF on his first ballot. Another example, Ken Griffey Jr. is another player considered to be among the best players in history and wasn’t given every vote as well. Among all the best players in MLB history, Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig, Nolan Ryan, etc. were not given 100%.

Here’s the reality: there’s always going to be someone out there who doesn’t believe the obvious talent that’s on the ballot. Rivera was an exception, and for good reason. Rivera was the best ever in his position, and Jeter isn’t. Another thing to mention is New York Yankees bias, but that’s a whole different discussion.