New York Yankees: Trade deadline – buy, sell, or stay?

The New York Yankees and general Brian Cashman have some big decisions to make in the next eight days as the trade deadline approaches on July 30th. With the Yankees’ recent success, I believe the selling idea is out the window. Instead, tInstead, the Yankees will either be buying or staying. If Cashman believes the Yankees will be okay once key players return off the Covid list and from injuries, the Yankees will mostly stay with what they have. Cashman will be taking a hard look at someone permanent that is a lefty hitter for center field.

On the pitching front,, at some point, the New York Yankees are expecting the return of Luis Severino and Corey Kluber. This will enter into Cashman’s decision to go out and get another starting pitcher,, which is lacking right now. Cashman is already talking to several teams about several players. The last two years,, Cashman has done little at the trade deadline. Only time will tell how much excitement he will create if any.

Here are some of the possible trade targets:

Joel Sherman of the New York Post has reported that Cashman talks with the Minnesota Twins about several players. The Twins are 41-55 this season,, 17 games behind in the AL Central. Several of the players that are being talked about are lefty outfielder Max Kepler. Kepler,, in 62 games,, has 12 home runs and a .217 batting average. Kepler has a good arm, is a good defender, and can play any outfield position well. The Yankees are also looking at Twins pitchers Jose Berrios and ex-Yankee Michael Pineda.

The Yankees have a lot of options with the Twins; they also have abundant lefties. Sherman also reports that he has heard the Yankees are also interested in  Luis Arraez, Alex Kirilloff, and switch-hitting Jorge Polanco. The Yankees have also inquired about center field Byron Buxton and shortstop Andrelton Simmons.

The Chicago Cubs also has an outfielder that the Yankees may be interested in. Kris Bryant a 29-year old that can also play third base. He is a righty that is in the last year of his contract. His relationship with the Cubs has soured after losing a grievance and will likely not return to the Cubs.

The Miami Marlins have also entered the picture with Starling Marte. He is a 32-year-old outfielder that has apparently lost out on negotiations with the Marlins to extend his contract. Marte is having a great season this year with a losing team. He is an All-Star centerfielder that is a contact hitter who is batting .293 this season. The Yankees have deep ties with Derek Jeter and the Marlins and have worked together before.

Earlier in the year,, the New York Yankees successfully traded for Rougie Odor of the Texas Rangers. Now they may be looking at outfielder Joey Gallo. Gallo is a lefty bat that has 24 home runs this season. Although an outfielder by trade,, he can also play 1st and 3rd base,, making him versatile. The problem for the Yankees here is the San Diego Padres are also in hot pursuit of Gallo.

There are several less attractive options for the Yankees to consider that are either too expensive or don’t really fit the Yankees. One example is Steven Duggar,, a lefty outfield arm for the San Francisio Giants. The 27 years old would be an excellent target for the Yankees, but the Yankees would have to give up a lot, even if they could pry him away from the NL West leading team.

If the New Yankees want to go for a high reward low risk deal the can go for Colorado Rockies’ Sam Hilliard, hes a 27 year old that has not been tested against Major League pitchers. He is a lefty batter that is hitting for Triple-A Albuquerque. Bernie Pleskoff who is a professional scout and writer for Forbes feels his is a diamond in the rough just waiting to burst out.

In the next week we will know alot more about Cashman’s plans for the team.


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