New York Yankees Recap: Yankees lose for the fifth time in a row to the Red Sox

This evening the New York Yankees met up at Fenway Park in Boston with the Red Sox for game two of three. The Yankees sent out Jordan Montgomery to face ex-Yankee Nathan Eovaldi. The Yankees lost game one 5-3 last night. They tried to even up the series tonight under mostly cloudy skies and a game-time temperature in the high 70’s. The Yankees had lost all four games against the Red Sox this season. The Red Sox won the game 4-2 for the fifth Red Sox win over the Yankees this season.

Nathan Eovaldi took the mound in the top of the first inning and faced DJ LeMahieu, who singled to center. Aaron Judge hit into a double play. Gary Sanchez had an off-field hit. Giancarlo Stanton struck out to end the half. Montgomery on the mound he faced Michael Chavis, who ground out to short. Alex Verdugo ground out to the pitcher with a flip to first. JD Martinez hit one down to the Pesky pole but was foul. He ended up striking out for no score in the first inning.

The second inning was led off by Luke Voit, who had two home runs in his first four at-bats since returning from the IL ground out to short. Gio Urshela ground out to third. Gleyber Torres hit into a soft roller to short to end the half. In the bottom of the second, Xander Bogaerts singled off a hit to Montgomery. Rafael Devers hit to the left, and Urshela went into the stands but was okay. He ended up walking. Hunter Renfroe singled back to Montgomery to load the bases with Sox. Kike Hernandez hit a single to bring in the first Red Sox run. Bobby Dalbec hit to right caught by Voit, but Devers scored. Conner Wong singled, but Chavis ground out to end the inning. Boston Red Sox 2 Yankees 0.

Andujar led off the third and ground out. Brett Gardner, who struck out. LeMahieu ground out to the pitcher for an easy half for Eovaldi. In the bottom, Verdugo ground out to first. Martinez ground out to Urshela. Bogaerts doubled to the center-field wall. Devers ground out to short. Upon review, he was safe. Renfroe reached on a single to center, and Bogaerts scored. Hernandez walked. Dalbec hit back to the track, but Gardner caught it to end the inning. Red Sox 3 Yankees 0.

Aaron Judge led off the fourth inning against the Red Sox and singled to right field for the leading man on base. Gary Sanchez popped out to the catcher. Giancarlo Stanton struck out swinging. Luke Voit ground out to first to end the half. At the bottom, Connor Wong led off by grounding back to Sanchez. Chavis also ground out to Sanchez. Verdugo ground out to LeMahieu to end the inning. Red Sox 3 Yankees 0.

Gio Urshela led off the fifth inning against Eovaldi and flew out to left-center. Torres one to the center-field wall that Hernandez caught. Andujar also flew out to center for five shutout innings for Eovaldi. Martinez led off the bottom of the inning by hitting directly to LeMahieu for the first out. Bogaerts singled to left. Devers hit into the force, and he and Bogaerts were out to end the inning. Red Sox 3 Yankees 0.

Brett Gardner led the top of the sixth, who continued his slide with a strikeout. Le Mahieu reached on a bobbled play by Devers. Judge singled, bringing the tying run to the plate. Gary Sanchez hit a long one into the third-deck foul. He ended up hitting into a round-the-horn double play. At the bottom, Renfroe hit for the fifth infield hit of the game. Hernandez struck out swinging. Dalbec got the force out for the second out of the inning. Wong struck out to end the inning. Red Sox 3 Yankees 0.

The top of the seventh was led off by Giancarlo Stanton, who singled. Voit went down swinging. Urshela hit into the force with Stanton out a second. Torres, after his last 1 for 32, flew out to end the half. Chavis singled to lead off the bottom. Verdugo struck out. Martinez against Abreu doubled on a hit out of the reach of Judge in right. With two on and one out, Bogaert flew out to Gardner, but Martinez scored to tack on another run for the Red Sox.  Devers flew out to Andujar in left, but the Red Sox picked up an insurance run. Red Sox 4 New York Yankees 0.

Eovaldi, still on the mound in the eighth inning, faced Andujar, who struck out. Gardner ground out on Eovaldi’s 105th pitch. LeMahieu hit a solo shot to center for the first homer of the game, and it got the Yankees on the board, which was the end of the night for Eovaldi. Hiro Sawamura replaced him against Aaron Judge, who walked on eleven pitches. Gary Sanchez also walked, setting the stage for Giancarlo Stanton to tie the game. Stanton also walked to load the bases for Luke Voit as the go-ahead run. Adam Ottavino came on to face Luke Voit ground out to get the Red Sox out of trouble. Red Sox 4 Yankees 1.

At the bottom of the eighth, Renfroe ground out to second. Hernandez flew out to Andujar in left. Dalbec ground out to end the half. With last licks on the line for the Yankees in the ninth, Gio Urshela took to the plate and flew out to center. Gleyber Torres singled on a line drive to right. Rougie Odor pinch hit for Andujar and hit into a force out. Brett Gardner, with the game on the line, Odor stole second. Gardner walked, and the Yankees brought DJ LeMahieu to the plate as the tying run. DJ hit up the middle, and Odor scored on the play. With two on and two outs, Aaron Judge had a chance to win it for the Yankees but struck out to end the game.

The winning pitcher was Nathan Eovaldi, the loser was Jordan Montgomery, and the save went to ex-Yankee Adam Ottivono (5). As a result, the New York Yankees have not lost their first five to the Red Sox for the first time since 2009.


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