New York Yankees Recap: Yankees blow it open in the eleventh for win over the Royals

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees entered tonight’s game against the Kansas City Royals hoping for a win so they could get close to taking their fifth game series in a row. Jameson Taillon was on the mound for the Yankees and Carlos Hernandez for the Royals. The first six innings of the game remained scoreless. The Yankees went ahead five times in the late-innings only to have the Royal come back. But the Yankees made the final blow in the eleventh inning for the win. Yankees 8 Royals 6.

In the first inning, Brett Gardner led off by walking. Giancarlo Stanton hit into a 4-6-3 double play. Aaron Judge flew out to right. Whit Merrifield led off the bottom and ground out to second. Nicky Lopez ground out to first. Salvator Perez walked. Carlos Santana flew out to Brett Gardner in center. No score.

At the top, Joey Gallo hammered one directly to center for the first out. LeMahieu hit to right for a standup triple. Luke Voit struck out. Andrew Valasquez ground out for the third out. At the bottom, Andrew Benintendi walked to Tyler Wade. Emanuel Rivera was called out. O’Hearn flew out for no score in the second inning.

In the next several innings, the game turned out to be a pitching duel between Jameson Taillon and Carlos Hernandez.

Through the top of the sixth inning, there was no score. Then, in the bottom of the sixth, Lopez ground out to short. Perez singled to right. Santana popped out. Benintendi flew out to Judge in right for another scoreless inning in the game and for Jonathan Taillon.

Stanton led off the seventh inning and ground out to third. Judge doubled down the left-field line. Gallo, who has hit the ball hard twice and one on and one out, singled with a booted ball at second base. Judge went to third on the play. LeMahieu, with men on the corners, singled on an infield hit as Judge scored. Judge was called out, and it was held up review, two outs. Now with men on first and second and two outs, Luke Voit singled on Hernandez’s 97th pitch of the night. Velaquez faced new pitcher Josh Staumont struck out, but the Yankees finally scored in the game. New York Yankees 1 Kansas City Royals 0.

At the bottom of the seventh, Rivera ground up the middle to lead off the half. But after six sparkling innings, that was the night for Taillon. Jonathan Loaisiga came in to face Ryan O’Hearn, but he overthrew Voits as Rivera reached second. The Loaisiga was called on a balk with Rivera moving to third. Manager Boone came out to argue and was thrown out of the game. Rivera scored on a single by O’Hearn, and the game was tied at one.  Taylor with only one out and a run in ground out for the second out. Gallagher walked. Merrifield ground out, but the Royals tied the game. New York 1 Kansas City 1.

Tyler Wade led off the eighth inning by reaching on catcher interference. Higashioka struck out. Wade stole second. Gardner walked for two on and one out. The new pitcher Scott Barlow faced Giancarlo Stanton, who struck out for the second out of the half. Judge singled to right, and Wade scored for the Yankee lead. At the bottom, Lopez singled to left. Perez walked for two on and no outs. Carlos Mendoza, with Boone, called out of the game, called for new pitcher Chad Green. Santana flew out to Gardner in center with Lopez going to third. Benintendi singled to center, and Lopez scored to tie up the game. Dyson struck out for the second out. Alberto flew out to Gardner in center to end the inning tied at 2.

The ninth inning was led off by Joey Gallo, who went down looking. DJ LeMahieu flew you to shallow right. Luke Voit hit a homer to right for the Yankee lead in the game. Valasquez ground out, but Voit put the Yankees ahead. At the bottom, with the last licks on the line for the Royals, Taylor faced Yankees closer Zack Britton and stuck out. Gallagher lined out directly to Wade at short. Merrifield walked with two outs. Merrifield stole his 31st stolen base. Lopez singled as Merrifield score to tie the game up in the ninth. Lopez stole second. Hunter Dozer stuck out, but the game was tied at 3, bringing on extra innings.

In the tenth, the Yankees had ghost runner Valasquez on second, Tyler Wade got a single to center, but Valasquez had to hold up at third. Higashioka, with men on the corners and no outs, had a sac fly as Valasquez scored for the Yankee lead. Gardner singled to center while Wade scored, and Gardner took second base on the throw to home. Yankees up two runs. Stanton faced new pitcher Wade Davis, and he walked. Aaron Judge, on a new day, flew out to center for the second out. Joey Gallo popped out, but the Yankees plated two. New York 5 Kansas City 3.

At the bottom of the tenth again, with last licks on the line for the Royals and ghost runner Dozer on second, Clay Holmes came on for the Yankees to close it out for the Yankees. Santana ground out to second, with Dozer advancing to third. Benintendi walked. Benintendi advanced to second on a wild pitch. Dyson flew out to left, but Dozier scored, giving the Yankees a one-run lead. Alberto singled with Benintendi scoring, and for the fourth inning in a row, the Royals had come back to tie up the game. Yankees 5 Royals 5. O’Hearn flew out for the final out.

At the top of the eleventh, with Greg Holland on the mound and Gallo as the ghost running on second, LeMahieu doubled, driving in Gallo as the Yankees again took the lead for the fifth time. Luke Voit lined out to short. Odor pinch-hitting ground out to first, but LeMahieu advanced to third. Tyler Wade walked for men on the corners and two outs. Higahioka walked, loading the bases with Yankees for Brett Gardner, who singled with LeMahieu and Tyler Wade score.  Stanton ground out to short to end the half. New York Yankees 8 Royals 5.

At the bottom of the inning, Gallagher faced the Yankees sixth pitcher Wandy Peralta and ground out. Merrifield struck out. Edward Olivares got a single to left to draw in Taylor, who was the ghost runner. Dozier singled up the center, moving Olivares to second base. Santana chopped to third to finally end the game with the New York Yankees winning it .

The final score at 1:05 AM in the east was the New York Yankees 8 and the Kansas City Royals 6. The winning pitcher was Clay Holmes, the loser was Greg Holland, and the save went to Wandy Peralta. Game time 4 hours 52 minutes.




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