New York Yankees news summaries, Aaron Boone going home and more!

William Parlee
26 Jun 1998: Andy Pettitte #46 of the New York Yankees in action during an interleague game against the New York Mets at Shea Stadium in Flushing, New York. The Yankees defeated the Mets 7-2. Mandatory Credit: David Seelig /Allsport

Yankee manager Aaron Boone going home?

The New York Yankees Field Manager Aaron Boone is going home to be with his children sometime in the next couple of days.  Boone said Monday that he has four kids, and they are now at home adapting to online classes, and he wants to be part of that.

“They have started those online, away-from-school classes,” Boone said. “Going back and being part of that and hopefully I can go contribute to that and lighten the load and be a part of helping the community out in a way that just by being there for my kids.”

Yankee players still at the training complex

New York Yankee major league players are still at George M. Steinbrenner Field at Tampa, Florida, where the spring training takes place.  At some point, they will resume workouts and training.  What shape that will look like will be in accordance with the CDC’s gathering guidelines.  The players most likely will be broken down to squads of about ten players and will work out in shifts in keeping with the present separation policy.

Injury update:  Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gary Sanchez

The cancelation of spring training and the delay in the start of the season has been beneficial to injured Yankee players.  Aaron Judge, who is suffering a fractured rib that may have been present since last fall, is showing signs of healing, relieving the Yankees that surgery won’t be necessary.  He is expected to be ready by May 15th.  Gary Sanchez that is recovering from a sore back, is also expected to be ready by May 15th.  Giancarlo Stanton recovering from a grade one calf strain is likely to be recovered by late April, which is really a long recovery for a minor injury.

Some Yankee major leagues may leave camp

Aaron Boone, who expected to remain at the New York Yankees training camp in Tampa at least until Tuesday, said that some players might go home.

“Everyone’s eventually going to be in a different place,” Boone said. “Feel like our guys as a whole do a really good job of kind of preparing themselves and putting themselves in a good position. I’m confident that our guys will be really responsible, no matter where they disperse to (or) if they stay here. I know they’re going to do all they can to stay ready, stay fresh and prepare.”

Boone also said that the most significant thing is that this thing (COVID-19) Is way bigger than all of us. This is bigger than baseball. We just want to do our part.”

This week in Yankee history:  The return of Andy Pettitte

After Andy Pettitte’s second retirement and with the injury to the Yankees, Michael Pineda Yankee General Manager made a surprising and historic announcement much to the surprise of Yankee fans.  World Champion Andy Pettitte was returning to pitch for the Yankees 2012 team.  The Veteran contributed to the team’s success, but unlike the glory years of the dynasty, in the two years of his return, he pitched to a record 16-15 in 42 games before finally retiring for good.  Pettitte for the Yankees was the winningest pitcher in postseason history. In an incredible 44 games started in the postseason, he accumulated a 19-11 record.

New York Yankees opening day still in flux

With Yankee and all of MLB spring training games canceled and the MLB announcement of a delay in the regular season, Yankee fans want to know when the season will start.  With the continued spread of the Coronavirus, that start date is fluid.  MLB has announced that it will follow the present CDC guidelines, which means that the season will not start before May 15th.  With players needing to get back to a mini spring training of as long as two weeks, it likely means a start date in early June at the earliest.  But the Yankees and MBL have made it clear that a start date is still unknown.  It is also unclear as to whether it will start with an opening game in Baltimore or if it will start with games that would have been scheduled for that date.