New York Yankees Great Ended Relief Pitcher’s Career

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The New York Yankees saw ANOTHER member of their historic franchise enter Cooperstown with Derek Jeter’s inauguration. With storybook moment followed by storybook moment, Jeter’s life seemed absolutely charmed. Even his last game at Yankee Stadium featured an incredible end to the captain’s amazing career. But, that iconic hit was also the last we saw one major league pitcher.

Who Was This Pitcher?

At the bottom of the 9th, Buck Showalter brought in relief pitcher Evan Meek. Meek was a former All-Star reliever in Pittsburgh. But a few injuries resulted in him bouncing around. But September 25th, 2014, on an RBI single to right field, he would never pitch in Major League Baseball again.

He would spend the next season pitching in the minor leagues for Syracuse and in Korea. By 2016, he was throwing in independent leagues. By 2017, he hung up his spikes for good.

He’s At Least Good Natured About It

In a phone interview with the New York Post, Meek was asked about his final Major League appearance as a pitcher. His response was:

“I could tell you I didn’t really want to be remembered that way, but baseball’s bigger than all of us, it was a really cool moment to be a part of.”

“It was a pretty damn incredible moment in sports.”

He may never get to the Hall of Fame, but he’ll forever be an interesting part of Major League Baseball trivia. And that’s better than nothing.