New York Yankees’ Gleyber Torres buzzer on left leg allegation de-bunked

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

With the MLB up in arms over the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox’s cheating scandal, it was only a matter of time before other players/teams were targeted in the allegations. The New York Yankees were undoubtedly going to be on the list, and a Twitter account indicated that Gleyber Torres might have been wearing a buzzer on his left leg during the 2019 season.

This same Twitter account posted comments indicating Carlos Beltran’s firing before it ever materialized in the media, however, the Torres post has been de-bunked, and he, in fact, did not wear any device to indicate pitch type.

Some have taken the accusation far enough as to call out the Yankees, specifically in their hiring of Beltran as a special advisor earlier in the season. Houston’s Alex Bregman commented, “I think Carlos Beltran helped out the Yankees this year a lot. Like a lot lot.”

Despite Bregman’s accusations, the Yankees are not under any heat at the moment, despite hiring Beltran to work with the players. We will likely see teams move through the media cycle, especially ones that were postseason participants.

Where are the New York Yankees now in the process:

MLB commissioner Robert Manfred has already laid down the hammer on the Astros and Red Sox, but there could still be targets in the line of fire. With reports indicating that players were a more significant part of the problem than previously expected, it’s possible more suspensions could be coming. Jose Altuve remains a serious suspect in these proceedings, especially after his refusal to take off his shirt after winning the ALCS on a walk-off homer. He yelled out to his teammates to not touch his jersey, and it’s clear that he might have had am illegal device hidden beneath to help decode pitches.

MLB Insider Joel Sherman stated:

From MLB with so much coming out publicly about Altuve HR to end ALCS and other incidents: “MLB explored wearable devices during the investigation but found no evidence to substantiate it.” That investigation, MLB said, includes 2019.

While there’s plenty of content to pick through and allegations to arise, it seems as if the league is prepared to let things blow over for now. However, things can change quickly.