New York Yankees: Gary Sanchez needs to stop punishing the Bombers

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

The big question going into the offseason for the New York Yankees aside from, should general manager Brian Cashman pursue Gerrit Cole, is in regards to catcher, Gary Sachez. More specifically, if he should be the starting option for the Yankees moving forward.

An argument can be made that Sanchez hasn’t lived up to the hype, and with every passing year plagued by injuries and postseason draughts, his potential takes a deafening hit. For the Bombers to make a splash in the postseason and reach the World Series, they desperately need Sanchez to play his best baseball.

Over the last two seasons, Sanchez has batted an abysmal .113 during the playoffs. He has been a significant reason the Yanks can’t hurry past the ALCS to the big stage. Everything about his game falls apart in the face of pressure — his defense (past balls) and bat disappear, and that’s an awful sign.

Cashman and manager Aaron Boone continue to praise Sanchez’s abilities and value to the team, but his four seasons with the club have been nothing but high hopes and mediocre results. His 2017 season, where he hit .278 and smashed 33 homers, seems like an eternity ago. Maybe, injuries have taken their toll on his body, which is the likely consequence.

Patience always seems to be the key with Sanchez, who spent countless games on the IL this past season and in 2018. Optimism always starts with, “when he’s healthy,” and that excuse is becoming old.

How has Gary Sanchez looked defensively for the New York Yankees?

In 2017 and 2018, Sanchez allowed 16 and 18 passed balls. That category was always a deficient one for Sanchez, but he lowered the total to just nine this past year. However, he committed a league-leading 15 errors for the Yankees. Sanchez effectively improved in one area but plummeted in another. From his rookie seasons in 2016, Sanchez caught 41% of base runners trying to steal. In 2019, his percentage fell to 23%. Everything about his game has decreased, including his offensive production.

El Gary needs to stop punishing with the Yankees with mediocre play because he’s undoubtedly capable of more.

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1 thought on “New York Yankees: Gary Sanchez needs to stop punishing the Bombers”

  1. You make it sound like Sanchez’ 2017 season where he hit 33 homers was a career high for him. Well, he hit 34 this year in only 106 games. And you can’t blame the lower percentage on throwing out runners entirely on him. Anyone watching the Yankees knows their pitchers are notoriously bad at holding runners on. Plus, there’s less emphasis on the stolen base in general. Sanchez is a power-hitting catcher the likes of which have rarely, if ever been seen. Any team would love to have him, but fortunately for the Yankees, they do.

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