New York Yankees: DJ LeMahieu Extension?

Daniel Cunningham
New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu
Oct 5, 2019; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees first baseman DJ LeMahieu (26) bats against the Minnesota Twins in game two of the 2019 ALDS playoff baseball series at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Yankees signed DJ LeMahieu, there were a lot of Yankee fans that were not happy. The Yankees were supposedly going hard after superstar Manny Machado, and the LeMahieu signing signaled to the world that the Yankees were out on Machado. LeMahieu had been a pretty good player in Colorado including winning the batting title back in 2016. He also was a gold glove caliber second baseman. It was a confusing signing because Gleyber Torres was expected to play every day at second. Didi Gregorious was out, but Troy Tulowitski was expected to be the starting shortstop, and Miguel Andujar was slotted to start at third. DJ LeMahieu didn’t even start on opening day for the Yankees. Nobody in their right minds could have predicted the type of year that DJ LeMahieu had in store for Yankee fans.

2019 To Remember

DJ LeMahieu was without a doubt, the MVP of the team in 2019. The Machine had an incredible batting line of .327 BA, 26 HRs, 102 RBIs, .375 OBP, and he played above-average defense at first, second, and third base. LeMahieu also played hero for about five minutes in October when he hit the game-tying home run in Game 6 against the Astros in the ninth inning. Of course, we, unfortunately, know what happened after the home run. LeMahieu was incredible last year and validated why the Yankees chose to sign him in the offseason. LeMahieu signed a very team-friendly 2 year, $24 million deal. With how important he is to the Yankees, are they exploring an extension?

Extension coming?

Nothing confirmed, but there have been some rumblings that the Yankees and LeMahieu’s reps have been talking about an extension. Now, from my understanding, the sides were not close to anything. DJ’s next deal is not going to be one that is very team friendly. LeMahieu turns 32 during this season which should line him up for a very nice four or five year contract. Expect the financial demands to be over $20 million considering his hitting ability and fielding ability at all positions in the infield. The New York Yankees do have some money coming off the books next year, but it’s not clear if they are going to make the long-term investment in DJ LeMahieu. If you ask me, I think the deal will eventually get done. LeMahieu just embodies the kind of player that the Yankees love. He’s a respectful and humble ballplayer who plays the game right. Throw in the fact that he’s one of the best hitters/fielders in baseball, and I think the Yankees will make sure he stays around. The Yankees are going to continue to be one of the best teams in baseball for the foreseeable future, and I think DJ LeMahieu will be a part of that.