New York Yankees: Diving behind the scenes to sneak a peak at Aaron Boone’s life

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone
Oct 17, 2019; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone (17) answers questions from media during a press conference before game four of the 2019 ALCS playoff baseball series against the Houston Astros at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know that the manager of the New York Yankees is married to a former Playboy Playmate of the month? Or that the couple is parenting two adopted children? It’s true.

Aaron Boone was born into baseball.  He played for the Reds, Yankees,  Indians, Marlins, Nationals, and Astros during his career from 1997 through 2009. He is the son of catcher and manager Bob Boone, brother of All-Star and 4 time Gold Glove winner Brett Boone. Plus he’s the grandson of former ML player Matt Boone.

Given that background, who would think that this man would fail as the new manager of the Yankees? Plus the fact that he hit the walk-off homer in the 2003 Yankees ALCS that everyone remembers? No one would.

Boonie was also employed by ESPN from 2010 through 2017 as a game analyst and color commentator. Remember him?

Aaron Boone was hired by the Yankees organization to become their 33rd manager last year. Given the qualifications outlined previously, I was skeptical. Who is this guy who is married to a Playboy Playmate and hit a huge homer for the Yankees? How can he effectively manage the Yankees?

But he has more than proven himself. Aaron Boone has made himself the voice of the Yankees through his “we’re the ******** savages in the box.” Who would have thought that he would have stood up for his team as he did?

Who would have thought that he could manage his way through the injury-plagued Yankees to the tune of the most on the IL at 30 players? The Major League record is 28 by the Dodgers in 2018. However, Boone managed his way through this. And won 103 games in the process.

Aaron Boone. Father. Player. Manager of the New York Yankees. He’s the best.