New York Yankees Analysis: Could the Yankees be the big losers at the end of the Winter Meetings?

New York Yankees
New York Yankees

For the New York Yankees and all the other 29 MLB teams, the winter meetings will be over after tomorrow. Many teams are being reticent this time around, including the New York Yankees with so many needs. After the World Series over a month ago, the Yankees found themselves short three starting pitchers, two bullpen relievers, a questionable starting catcher, and a deficient shortstop. They also found their star second baseman and batting title winner DJ LeMahieu, refusing the Yankee’s only qualifying offer.

Now we are in the second half of the Winter Meetings, and we are still in the exact same place we were at the end of the postseason. To Yankee fans, it seems general manager Brian Cashman is doing nothing. This writer is sure that is not the case, but it does leave questions, will the Yankees be successful in obtaining any of their needs.

The New York Yankees made it very clear that their number one priority was to re-sign DJ LeMahieu. We know the Yankees have been talking to the Wasserman Group, DJ’s agent, but there is no movement after a month. To me, that means that the Yankees are not agreeing to LeMahieu’s demands, or at least have not been able to reach a compromise that is acceptable to both parties.

The New York Yankee’s other most important priority, pitching, also doesn’t seem to be addressed with any success. Every day more and more free-agent pitchers are disappearing from the market as they sign with other teams. Even trade targets are moving on to other teams. The Yankees were seriously looking at Charlie Morton; he is now an Atlanta Brave. Lance Lynn was a trade target; he is now a Chicago White Sox.

The Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburg Pirates, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners, Philadelphia Phillies, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Detroit Tigers all have made deals or moves. The White Sox, Nationals, and Blue Jays have made several changes to their teams. Missing from this list is the New York Yankees.

There are still some big names out there to be had, but it’s looking like the Yankees will be taking the bargain basement route to improve the team. However, the Yankees could be waiting to find out if DJ LeMahieu will be resigning with the Yankees. If they wait too long, they may be the biggest losers of these Winter Meetings and the offseason in general as more teams sign players. But I have to add this; You never know what Yankee general manager Brian Cashman has up his sleeve.