New York Yankees Analysis: A New York Yankees writers worst scenario

Being a New York Yankee writer can be one of the most interesting journeys of any sportswriter. The Yankees are the winningness sports team in the world. They have won more World Championships than any other team in any sport. Because of the fame and the worldwide interest, the Yankee writer usually finds themselves quite busy reporting the latest news about the team. But it isn’t always easy.

You would think the Yankee writer would be the busiest during the season, but actually, that isn’t true. Yes, you report on the games, the scores, and who did what. But in the offseason, that’s when contemplation and questions mostly take front and center stage. Who will be gone, who will stay, and how the team will improve to be even better next season.

With the New York Yankees having an illustrious history filled with great Yankees superstars, there is always something to write about being a Yankee historian. There is plenty to write about the Yankees’ greats, their stories, and how they became famous. There are the present player profiles, top tens, many analyses’, and news and rumors. But for a writer, you want to break the story that the Yankees just signed DJ LeMahieu to a four-year $85 million contract with options.

This offseason now in its fourth week, and there is little to report on; it’s actually the worst scenario for a Yankee writer. Yes, there are all the rumors, but no hard cold facts to go on. This offseason is just as unique as the season itself was. The coronavirus shadowed the whole season, yet baseball somehow managed to get it done relatively unscathed. Football has also tried to get it done, but they are running into serious trouble as the virus is escalating at unheard of milestones.

With the virus not relenting, it casts even more unknowns for the Yankees and other MLB teams going into a 2021 season. Will, there be fans in the stands again, will there be a 162 game season? For the most part, all of these questions delayed teams from making decisions early on rather than later when more might be known. For a writer, you have to work on mostly rumor, and some slipped tongues. Yes, there is a lot of talk but few answers.

For the New York Yankees, there any many questions. Will the Yankees re-sign DJ LeMahieu? If they do, how much will it cost and for how long? Will the Yankees replace their catcher Gary Sanchez? Will they move Gleyber Torres to second base? Will they bring back Yankee Veteran, fan-favorite Brett Gardner? What will they do with their once star of the future, Miguel Andujar, who now has no use to the Yankees? An what about the Yankees pitching rotation that is in a mess? Will they end up bringing back Masahiro Tanaka?

These are the same questions out there at the end of the World Series and are still the same questions unanswered. The only thing we have really learned for sure is what Yankee prospects the Yankees would protect from the Rule 5 draft. For the sportswriter, this leaves you wondering how many stories can you write about Gary Sanchez and whether he will remain? How many different twists can you put to the story based on the latest sources and rumors?

We keep reading though because we want the latest hint to what might happen with our favorite player, or what surprise move general manager Brian Cashman might make. To a lesser degree, we also watch what other teams are doing that might affect the Yankees.

The good news for Yankees fans and writers is that any day now, the “hot stove” will boil over with more news than you might be able to digest or write about in a day’s time. In the next weeks before spring training begins on February 27, when the Yankees will meet the Tigers. All of these questions will be answered to our delight or chagrin. Though much will probably not be known until the Christmas holiday and the weeks following, we will find out all the answers. Keep the faith; Yankee fans news is coming.