New York Yankees: Aaron Hicks Already Making a Difference

New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks hits a home-run against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The New York Yankees are getting back key players one-by-one from the injured list.

The New York Yankees signed center fielder Aaron Hicks to a four-year, $40 million extension this offseason in hopes of him being their leadoff hitter and consistent defenseman for years to come.

A stiff back plagued his pre-season and forced him out until this past weekend. Manager Aaron Boone had stated weeks ago that Hicks was ready to begin playing but they wanted to take extra precaution to ensure he was 100% ready to return to normal activities.

The New York Yankees finally gain reinforcements:

Missing the first 40 games of the season will surely limit his statistical output this season, but he has already smashed his first home-run, coming against the Tampa Bay Rays in a 13-5 route that reclaimed first place in the division.

Hicks started his first three games of the year 0-for-8 and currently has a .188 batting average. As he stated, “sometimes timing takes time.”

It will take a few weeks for Hicks to return to form after missing so much time, but his influence as not only the leadoff hitter but a familiar face on an injury-plagued team will be significant. He’s a leader, consistent player, and veteran that can help corral the team when the doors fly off the hinges.

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Luckily, the negative possibilities haven’t hit the Bombers yet as they sit at a 28-17 record, the fourth-best record in baseball on the backs of a team full of reserve players that have elevated their game.

Without Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Luis Severino, Dellin Betances, James Paxton, Miguel Andujar, and more, it’s astonishing as to how the team is still afloat. However, gaining Hicks back is a huge positive and will prove to be impactful right off the bat (pun intended).

Boone commented on Hick’s returning to form after the win on Sunday afternoon:

“He’s kind of finding his way a little bit,” manager Aaron Boone said. “Saw the walk today, which is such a big part of his game and obviously the power to go with it. We’re starting to see him settle in a little bit and hopefully today is the day that starts to get him going.”

After hitting 27 homers in 2018, he will be looking to harness his power once again and heighten the Yankees’ offensive efficiency.