New York Yankees: Aaron Boone confident in Cole, Severino

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone, Gerrit Cole

The 2020 season is possibly one of the most exciting and anticipated seasons in recent New York Yankees history where players and fans can’t wait for the new year to begin. There’s a lot to be excited for too, as the Yankees have two big pieces that they didn’t last year: Gerrit Cole and Luis Severino.

Manager Aaron Boone spoke on his confidence in the two pitchers in a Q&A with New York Post’s Steve Serby:

“In Gerrit, we’re seeing a guy in the prime of his career, arguably the best pitcher in the sport right now,” Boone said. “Getting to know him a little bit now this winter, and obviously going through the free-agent process, looking forward to (continuing) to get to know the person a little bit more.”

This is what the Yankee manager had to say about Luis Severino:

“Sevy’s now been through a lot in this game. He’s been a Cy Young candidate, he’s gotten to the big leagues fast, he’s gone through some tough times, he’s gone through some failures, he’s gone through massive successes, he’s gone through an injury-plagued season now, but his talent and determination, coupled with those experiences that he’s had already as a young man, I think will only benefit him going forward, and looking forward to what he’s gonna be able to do for us this year.”

Besides those two, James Paxton offers a lot for the team as well. Even though he will miss three to four months of the season, Paxton will be an integral part of the rotation when he returns. Masahiro Tanaka is always someone who brings fire to the team and is highly accountable during the postseason. There’s a lot to be excited about as a New York Yankees fan.