More Options to Watch the New York Yankees in 2020

With many Yankee fans cutting the chord, Yankee fans have a new way to watch their team without a cable subscription.

Most New York Yankees fans can’t make it to Yankee Stadium for 82 games. Even fewer Yankee fans can make it to the 82 games the Yankees play on the road. So, most of us make do with watching the broadcast of the game. Now, there’s another option for watching the boys in pinstripes. Who would want to miss watching Gerrit Cole destroy batters while wearing pinstripes?

The Yankees on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime will stream 21 games this regular season of the New York Yankees. Amazon was part of a group that bought YES Network last year. The games Amazon Prime streams will also be broadcasted on WPIX 11.

This will be one of the first options for Yankee fans to stream games without a cable subscription.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is where Yankees fans can stream MOST of the Yankee games during the regular season. However, for those looking to cut the cord, you need a cable subscription for Fox Sports Go. The few games a year the Yankees are on ESPN’s game of the week, you’ll still need a cable subscription to stream those games on ESPN +. Even MLB TV requires you to have a cable subscription.

It’s nice to see Amazon Prime get ahead of the curve. I’m sure that while most fans, like me, enjoy going to a bar to watch the Yankee game, they can’t financially handle the cost of going to a bar for 162 games a season, and more likely than not, pay for a few beers.