Former Yankees OF Cameron Maybin backs fans’ defense of Giancarlo Stanton

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Giancarlo Stanton was recently scrutinized by New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman for his lengthy injury history, which caused Yankees fans to clap back in defense of the former MVP. One retired Yankee took the side of the impassioned fanbase.

Yankees: Maybin Sees the Glass Half Full With Stanton Situation in New York

Per Manuel Gomez of, Longtime veteran outfielder Cameron Maybin spoke highly of what Stanton does bring to the franchise after Yankees general manager Brian Cashman’s controversial take, saying:

“I’ve watched this guy year after year. He never jabs back at the fans or jabs back at the criticism. He just keeps his head down and continues to try to work,” Maybin said on WFAN, via Audacy. “I know he’s had some unfortunate injury seasons, but if you’re a New York fan, we’ve seen people who haven’t been able to handle the pressure and we’ve watched them fold, and they say stuff in the media — we even saw [Brian Cashman] recently come to his boiling point, so to speak, to the point where he’s faced the most frustration that we’ve seen him face.”

Maybin was fortunate enough to play for 14 seasons in the MLB and win a World Series in 2007. He is well aware of the passion that baseball fans carry, especially in New York where he donned pinstripes in 2019.

As he sees it, Stanton’s production when on the field trumps his inability to stay on it. Maybin views Stanton’s professionalism and work ethic as added bonuses for a franchise looking to return to championship contention in 2024.

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Stanton is Still a Fearful Power Hitter With Potential to Round into Form When Healthy

Stanton’s bat is less efficient but still shows power that resembles that of his 2022 All-Star year with the Yankees. Even if he’s no longer able to man the outfield full-time, if he can make enough plate appearances, he’s still a player who can put up points. Had he played all 162 games in 2023, he’d have been on pace to hit 38 home runs and drive in 96 RBIs.

At 34 years old, Stanton’s age may further deter his health as the seasons wore on. Maybin concluded his comments by suggesting that a trade to the Cincinnati Reds would suit Stanton better in a new league and environment. He justified his proposition by insinuating that Stanton has been impacted by the widespread criticism in more ways than one.

Stanton will have to overcome his injury woes and career-low .191/.275/.420 slash line if he wants to avoid another rift sprouting up and the potentiality of getting traded down the line.