Former All-Star blasts Yankees’ Brian Cashman over analytics comment

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New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman recently addressed the media, defending his past decisions that have contributed to the team’s challenges. In his remarks, Cashman emphasized the organization’s intent to bolster the roster this off-season, specifically highlighting the need for additional outfielders and starting pitchers.

Questionable Claims About Analytics

Cashman’s statement claiming that the Yankees have one of the smallest analytics teams in the American League East raised eyebrows, as it contradicts numerous reports. These reports suggest that the Yankees actually possess one of the more sophisticated analytical departments in baseball. This discrepancy led to confusion, especially given the team’s reputation for relying heavily on analytics while also valuing Manager Aaron Boone’s intuition in decision-making.

Jason Kipnis Challenges Cashman’s Statement

Former all-star Jason Kipnis expressed skepticism about Cashman’s comments on the “Foul Territory” podcast. Drawing from conversations with former teammates who played for the Yankees, Kipnis highlighted the organization’s renowned analytical capabilities.

“Well, I didn’t need to see this graph to know that the statement was full of s—-,” Kipnis said. “I’m strictly going off of conversations with former teammates that have played for the Yankees or have gone through that place. And one of the main things they rave about is the analytical side of that organization — just how much information hitters have to their advantage. And so there’s just no chance that they were near the bottom.”

Yankees’ Shift to Traditional Metrics

Despite the apparent reliance on analytics, the Yankees seem to be shifting back to traditional baseball metrics. Aaron Judge has identified batting average and RBIs as key indicators for future success, a perspective the Yankees are taking into account as they approach free agency.

Kipnis speculated that Cashman might perceive the analytics department as small due to his personal delegation of responsibilities. However, from a player’s standpoint, the Yankees’ use of data and statistics has always appeared substantial.

Yankees’ Direction and Future Moves

The Yankees have faced several challenges in recent years, including unsuccessful trades and free agency signings that have compounded into significant issues. They are committed to several large contracts that have not aged well, prompting a need to focus on acquiring younger, durable players. High-profile targets like Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Juan Soto are on the radar, noted for their consistent health and performance.

Cashman’s Pressured Response

Cashman’s emotional response to the media suggests a defense of his position and the rationale behind the team’s recent moves. With many of these decisions not yielding the desired results, there is growing pressure on the Yankees to make strategic and successful moves this off-season to set a positive course for the future.

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