Ex-Yankees No. 1 pitching prospect scooped up by Chicago

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

The New York Yankees have become known for a certain way of handling prospects with potential, and recent events surrounding their top infield prospects exemplify their approach. The handling of Oswald Peraza has been nothing short of terrible, and Deivi Garcia’s latest release tells a story of malpractice.

Oswald Peraza: A Prospect in Limbo

From Potential Star to Intermediary Ball

Oswald Peraza’s situation with the Yankees is a concerning one, and some might even call it malpractice. After using up most of his minor-league options and seemingly consigning him to a life of intermediary ball, Peraza’s value is now at an all-time low. The team is left with uncertainty about what to do with him in the future.

Lack of Opportunity to Shine

Although there’s a possibility that Peraza could become a key utility player next season or even take over at third base, the Yankees haven’t provided him with sufficient time to demonstrate his offensive capabilities. This lack of opportunity has contributed to his stalled development and unclear path forward.

Deivi Garcia: A Promising Start Turned Sour

MLB Debut and Initial Struggles

Another young talent that appears to have been mishandled by the Yankees is former No. 1 pitching prospect Deivi Garcia. At just 21 years old, Garcia made his MLB debut in 2020, pitching 34.1 innings and recording a 4.98 ERA. His performance declined in the minor-league system after initially dominating before his MLB debut.

Career Troubles and Mismanagement

Garcia, now 24, hasn’t managed an ERA below 5.40 since 2019. He’s made two appearances for the Yankees this year, pitching 5.2 innings and posting a 1.59 ERA. The real issue with Garcia seems to be a lack of control and alarmingly high walk rates, as evidenced by his 6.26 walk-per-nine rate across 46 innings with Triple-A Scranton this year and a 5.67 ERA.

The Yankees’ decision to move on from Garcia may have been justified, but the way they handled his development leaves room for criticism. Their management of Garcia’s career became even more apparent when the Chicago White Sox picked him up off waivers as a supplemental piece, recognizing his potential and need for a change of scenery.

The Yankees Need to Learn From Their Mistakes

The handling of Oswald Peraza and Deivi Garcia by the New York Yankees offers insights into the challenges and pitfalls of managing young talents. In both cases, the prospects’ potential appears to have been undermined by the organization’s approach.

For Peraza, the lack of opportunities to showcase his abilities has left him in an uncertain position. In Garcia’s case, control issues and high walk rates were not properly addressed, leading to his departure from the team.

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