Ex-Yankees’ busts all booted from playoffs

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While the New York Yankees didn’t make it to the postseason, they weren’t the only ones one saw their hopes dashed earlier than expected. Both the Milwaukee Brewers and Baltimore Orioles exited early. The Brewers met their match in the Wild Card, and the Orioles couldn’t fend off the Texas Rangers, succumbing in three consecutive games.

Ex-Yankees Shine, Yet Fall Short

Intriguingly, among the ranks of these teams were familiar faces for Yankees fans: veteran infielder Josh Donaldson and outfield dynamo Aaron Hicks.

Josh Donaldson’s Playoff Stint

Donaldson, 37, had a foot in both camps this season, clocking 34 games with the Yankees and 17 with the Brewers. His Bronx stint saw him with a .142 batting average, a .225 OBP, and he knocked 10 homers with 15 RBIs from 128 at-bats. Transitioning to Milwaukee, his performance saw a slight uptick: a .169 batting average with a .290 OBP and an 85 wRC+.

While the Brewers’ postseason run was brief, Donaldson packed a punch. In two Wild Card outings, he boasted a .286 batting average with a .375 OBP, delivering when stakes were high. However, with the playoffs behind him and an expiring contract, whispers suggest he might be hanging up his boots. The veteran is set to pocket $6 million from a buyout, a clause activated during his transfer to the Yankees.

Aaron Hicks’ Orioles Revival

Contrasting Donaldson, Hicks‘ tenure with the Yankees this year was less than stellar, registering a .188 batting average and a .263 OBP with a 49 wRC+. But a move to Baltimore metamorphosed his fortunes.

In 65 games with the Orioles, Hicks dazzled with a .275 batting average, a .381 OBP, seven homers, and 31 RBIs. His stats boasted a 20.8% strikeout rate, a 14.8% walk rate, and a 129 wRC+. Amplifying his stellar form, his postseason performance for the Orioles was noteworthy: a .250 batting average with a .400 OBP and a mammoth 180 wRC+.

Yet, the sterling displays from the former Yankees couldn’t save their respective teams from an early playoff departure, ironically mirroring the Yankees’ own postseason outcome.

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