Can the New York Yankees trust Adam Ottavino in 2020 after a bad postseason?

New York Yankees, Adam Ottavino

After having a solid regular season with the New York Yankees and dominating, Adam Ottavino was the complete opposite during the postseason. The 34-year-old appeared in 73 games and held a stable 1.90 ERA during the regular season, but got cold in the playoffs and was credited to a whopping 11.57 ERA.

This isn’t the first time Ottavino didn’t perform well in the playoffs. His career postseason era is a 6.43 ERA compared to a career 3.44 ERA in the regular season. In his two years making the playoffs and four total series, he’s only lasted a total of seven innings pitched.

Can Ottavino be trusted for the 2020 season?

It’s important to remember that Ottavino was used in high-leverage situations during the entire regular season and performed at his best. He has the talent and ability to get big outs when needed.

When it comes to the postseason, it could just be a few bad outings during inopportune times. However, it could also be a thing where he struggles in the postseason. Regardless of what it is, his use in high-leverage situations during the playoffs might need to be reevaluated.

I do believe that Ottavino could also use more work before the playoffs. Aaron Boone rested his bullpen a ton leading up to October, and this may not have been the best idea for Ottavino. It seems that he’s a creature of habit and needs consistent work to stay dominate on the mound.

The New York Yankees can trust him during the 2020 season. He’s one of the best relievers in all of baseball and has proved that.