Are the New York Yankees on Collision Course with Dodgers for Title?

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

The biggest news to directly, and indirectly, affect the New York Yankees came last night in the form of the monster salary dump by the Boston Red Sox. Still searching for Cora’s replacement, with pitchers and catchers reporting next week, the Red Sox dealt former MVP winner Mookie Betts, AND former Cy Young winner David Price, to the Los Angles Dodgers.

How This Directly Effects the Yankees

Well, for a pretty obvious reason. The New York Yankees no longer have to contend with Mookie Betts or Price. Gary Sanchez has absolutely raked against Price his entire career. And with Price formerly a Ray, and Blue Jay, before coming to Boston, the team has been able to scout him pretty well. Yes, Price will put up a good start here and there vs. the Yanks, but the Yankees will still miss the guy who gave up Jeter’s 3,000 hits. And Mookie? Well, who’d want that guy facing off against your teams 3 times a game, 20-30 games a season?

How This Indirecty Effects the Yankees

The Dodgers have been the perennial favorites to win not only the NL West but the NL pennant as well. And they’ve continually come up just short. They had to do something to account for Ryu’s departure to Toronto, and to pick up a bat-like Betts to boot? That’s just a gift. Especially when the Sox are just getting prospects from the Dodgers AND Twins.

No matter what Kershaw’s bugaboo in the postseason is, this puts up a 1, 2, 3, in the Dodgers rotation of Kershaw, Price, and Buhler, with Price winning his first championship against the Dodgers just 2 years ago. Should the Dodgers once again make it to October, he will be the rock that anchors the team. They are the favorites now to go head to head with the boys from the Bronx. With a rematch of the 1981 World Series potentially in store for 2020, who wouldn’t get excited?

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